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Funny Lounge Pictures

Lounge Lizard DogFunny Lounge Lizard Dog
Member reactions:

I love this... awesome detail on the face. Blends in nice and it's interesting.
I voted yours higher, thanks for the compliment LunaC.
All I can say is there were a lot of good ones in this contest and this was one of my favs.
Work of art here. Love the chosen sources and technique. Caption could be: Friday night, I just gotta be myself
This was the most artistic entry, Luna. Great stuff.

Lounge Chair CarFunny Lounge Chair Car
Member reactions:

Decent work. The woman's head and arm need some shadows cast onto car

Lounging AroundFunny Lounging Around
Member reactions:
great image, love the texture on the arms, very nicely blanded in, good job
this is very good, the transition etween the arms and the tiger are almost seemless.
the arm need more sharpness and contrast to blend.but still good source.

Raindeer LoungeFunny Raindeer Lounge
Member reactions:

Rudolph last seen at the Raindeer Lounge. check it out in full view if needed.
Nice job, but......female reindeer have antlers. (The males lose theirs in the winter.) Maybe they're socializing with "exotic"s from other parts of the world.

Speakeasy Lounge OlsensFunny Speakeasy Lounge Olsens
Member reactions:

The Lemur LoungeFunny The Lemur Lounge
Member reactions:

Deep in the remote jungles of Madagascar lies the sacred watering hole of the Lemurs. During the mating season the males often gather here to dance and sniff for new tail.
When the predators are way the Lemurs will dance and play nicely done.
When the predators are away the Lemurs will dance and play nicely done
Very funny to see all the animals trying to play like a Monkey good job to create the animals in a dancing look

Twins in Space LoungeFunny Twins in Space Lounge
Member reactions:

Coconut LoungeFunny Coconut Lounge
Member reactions:

Frog Lounge SingerFunny Frog Lounge Singer
Member reactions:

Frog Singer In 3 2 1 ď You are sooo Beautiful too Meee, canít you seeee. You're everything I hoped for, You're everything I need, You are so beautiful, To me

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