Submerged Lotus
Submerged Lotus
Submerged Lotus. Another photo I took. SOURCE:
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Cool Work, Hidden. Left rear tire has a leak. A can of Fix-a-Flat may be in order.(:
Thanks Spat, not a whole lot you can do lookin straight down except fool with the ground it sits on. I first just had it in the sand, boring. I also didn't want to create tread lines for the sand tracks. Lazy. Put it under water and I can leave the tracks washed out, cheat.
Congrats, DD. I knew this was your's. I guess the past tense of "spit" is spat. Lol....I've been called worse.
Thanks everyone. Sorry Splat, I’m an idiot.
No...No problem. I think it's funny. I love to play 4 wall racquetball. That's where I took my name from. Splat Shot is the term for the coolest racquetball shot in the sport. (:
See, now the username makes sense. I go by baddog, that was taken here, couldn’t think of anything else but deaddog. I might as well have gone by buttwipe. 😂

Funny Surreal Lotus Creature

Surreal Lotus Creature
most sources
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Ah...such sweet music to my ear. Nicely done, Hidden. His radio appears to be portable. I hope he can always keeps his head about himself.
Yikety Yikes … Fantastically executed … great work, hidden … maybe some shadow beneath the middle piece with the mouth, casted on the main torso behind it . . .
We got a transporter malfunction hahahaha. Cool. Totally jereistic.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, gross but funny
Congrats on the Bronze Jeremix. That is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and excellently pulled off. It's like an Escher made of flesh.
Bronze Congrats, jeremix-bag o'trix ... great stuff.
Very unique creation jere. You could start an art genre all your own. Congrats on the bronze.
Never a doubt. I'm not sure who started the "thing" type chops, Dan. Carl did a bunch and somebody else but Jere has it down to the masters level. Congrats Jere, totally compelling
Thanks guys. Every once in a while i like to do one of these, so maybe when i'm 80 i could call it a collection.

Funny Mini Lotus

Mini Lotus
"This little Lotus mini sports Car is specially targeted to the female market."

Funny Wman with a Lotus Flower

Wman with a Lotus Flower
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Thank you, macwithfries. i'm very glad u love this design.
Nice, I like the colors you have chosen for this

Funny Lotus Lady GaGa

Lotus Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
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Good work
Congrats on the silver for gent SidSid and his lady GaGa.

Funny Lotus Pose in Insense Smoke

Lotus Pose in Insense Smoke
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Great work mod totaly you are fantasy designer , keep up with great styles man ... looking forwards your chops

Funny Man on a Lotus Flower

Man on a Lotus Flower
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Really nice idea, actually really, really nice idea. You might consider reflecting the pedals and subject with a reverse and flipped 40% opacity layer.
Great one. Spinner has good suggestions on making it even better

Funny Fairy on a Lotus Leaf

Fairy on a Lotus Leaf

Funny Mushroom Lotus Flower

Mushroom Lotus Flower

Funny Lotus

Automatically turns your evil-smelling turd into a beautiful mystical flower
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ahhh but where´s the fun in that Nicely done
Oh thats funny.... Great Idea My Shiat dont stink niether
good much are they and where can i buy one...

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