Barack and Michelle Obama Win the Kenyan Lottery
Barack and Michelle Obama Win the Kenyan Lottery
Barack and Michelle Obama Win the Kenyan Lottery. Member reactions:
She looks really beautiful, very clean and detailed work best fit in this concept
This is really crazy money... we can clear all our country's fiscal deficit and More funnier is that the condition to take Birth Certificate is must ha ha very funny .... Good and funny idea and nice chop
Congrats,on winning the Gold and Silver....Paul. Awesome work my friend.....Bravo.
Michelle in curlers and Obama with stubble made me chuckle. But I liked the most "winner must show valid kenyan birth certificate". Silver congrats too, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, I just couldn't help myself with that qualifier.

Funny Santa Wins Powerball Lottery

Santa Wins Powerball Lottery
Member reactions:
Great job. What, no "Bat Boy" sighting. .
Santa wins the lottery and the small boys now do not need crappy presents... they need money only Changing times all were changed... good and hilarious Magazine cover done
Crispness and contrast on the main pic don't match the others, but other than that, great job...
Congrats, on winning the wood.....nice work.
Several brilliant titles here. Loved "IRS will audit Santa's tax return" Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny Remi the Rat Wins the Cheese Lottery

Remi the Rat Wins the Cheese Lottery
Member reactions:
So cute... Lovely rat, atlast she won the lottery good one

Funny Bill Gates Wins Lottery

Bill Gates Wins Lottery
Member reactions:
nice story board for Bill Gates, great idea to include excel to predict numbers lovely thought
What menu did he use for that, or some new features added on the Beta version ha ha ha
Clever and Hilarious. ... and mighty great to see you again, GRM.

Funny Dr Evil Wins Lottery

Dr Evil Wins Lottery
How Would You Spend Your MegaMillions Riches.
Member reactions:
Great lighting effects coming from the space, good to see the earth from space wonderful

Funny General Motors Lottery Ticket!

General Motors Lottery Ticket!
Sponsored by the American Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Member reactions:
Fantastic concept, but why all the unneeded white space. I'd get rid of it and make the entry larger this way.
I was concerned that the full version would look more like a poster then a lottery ticket, so I guess I over compensated and made it too small. Heres the larger version.....what do you think.
I think it's a great edit. Doesn't look like poster to me

Funny Rod Blagojevich the Lottery Czar

Rod Blagojevich the Lottery Czar
Member reactions:
Great blend and the lottery tag.

Funny Steve Fossett with a Lottery Ticket

Steve Fossett with a Lottery Ticket
Please view full. Lots of reflection details, even in the gauges. Got to finish the last few details. There are so many theories as to how and why millionaire Steve Fossett's plane crashed into a mountain side over a year ago. I think he flew to Arizona and got some scratch off lottery tickets. Durning the trip home he couldn't resist the urge to see if he had won. While revealing a winning ticket, he never saw that mountain jump out in front of him. It's out there but possible. The wreckage was only recently discovered. This is my theory. News Story mountain source man-meaty goodness pit source hands source Steve Fossett source (used in reflections)
Member reactions:
at my second source link. The on-site censorship program has struck again. c o c k pit source.
we should ban censorship. Fine job by the way, lots of detail.
We should all type c o c k at the same time and overload the mainframe. Just to make a statement.
Try a euphemism. Winklepit gets thro fine, though it doesn't mean anything
Quality work. The filter is meant to take care of offensive comments. So you guys behave

Funny Lottery Winner with a Nuclear Bomb Explosion

Lottery Winner with a Nuclear Bomb Explosion
Man, now that would suck.
Member reactions:
Holy trifecta, Babman... Big congrats, all great, funny chops...
At least they die happy

Funny Lucky Lottery Jackpot Winner

Lucky Lottery Jackpot Winner
first thanks to Sir Mashby for the Pic. " My Lucky Guy " and " My Lucky 7 ".
Member reactions:
Hey, check out midian in the background. Good job here.
very nice done but I think would be less expensive and better luck to him just a six pack of beers

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