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Funny LOTR Oscar Statuette

LOTR Oscar Statuette
They should've changed the look of the Oscar statuette this year, huh. (view full)
Member reactions:
awesome blend job making on the ork head ... hilarious idea too.

Funny LOTR Monica Hillary

LOTR Monica Hillary
Who will their King come home to.
Member reactions:
Omg, this is priceless - mastermind genius.
Hillary has looked this good since she was 14. Good job.

Funny Queer Eye LOTR

Queer Eye LOTR
after destroying evil, there's only one thing left.
Member reactions:
hehehehehe I loved this one. I like how the faces matched the body poses, excellent job.

Funny LOTR Bling

LOTR Bling
I pity that Gollum foo'. Bow down to the TRUE lord.

Funny LOTR Bill Gates

LOTR Bill Gates

Funny LOTR Ring

A display of the weakness of men a moment before the ring is destroyed in the fires of the mountain of doom.

Funny LOTR Saddam

LOTR Saddam

Funny Mr Bean LOTR

Mr Bean LOTR
Member reactions:
Bb..Boromir... Mr. Boromir.
I wonder how many got the Sean Bean connection

Funny Chippendales LOTR

Chippendales LOTR
The Full Monty has nothing on this.
Member reactions:
Ok, I loved this one, the faces and levels are really good on all except Gimli and Sam. Shading for Gollem and Legolas are excellent and very, very well done. God I wish they looked like this for real hehehe

Funny LOTR Celebrities

LOTR Celebrities
"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." The author of the book that began with this brief sentence, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, was born on January 3, 1892, in Bloemfontein, South Africa. He eventually moved to England, where he became a gifted linguist and scholar, a University of Oxford professor, and husband and father beloved by wife and children. While still in his twenties, Tolkien started working on a series of stories that subsequently became the elaborate history of a place called Middle-earth and evolved into The Lord of the Rings epic high fantasy novel. Eventually the world of the Lord of the Rings was visited by millions of readers and moviegoers. To celebrate the J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday at Freaking News, photoshop characters of The Lord of the Rings any way you wish, OR turn celebrities into LOTR characters. Think of how life would be different if professor Tolkien ruled the world.

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