Dino Rex Losing The Evolution Game
Dino Rex Losing The Evolution Game
Dino Rex Losing The Evolution Game. 1st round KO with a right cross
Member reactions:
I especially like the dynamism in this entry.

Funny Losing Friends in the War

Losing Friends in the War

Funny War of the Lost

War of the Lost

Funny Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea
A man lost at sea for 66 days was found
Member reactions:
Still thinking of the shorts written HELP
, imagine the monotony.... gawd. Great chop Doc. Bronze congrats.
A lot of tongue, good one, congrats on the win.
D-man causes some trouble again, hahaha. The tongue fish is great too. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

Funny Lost Coz

Lost Coz
It looks like there's no pulling out of this tailspin. Cosby Legacy Crashes and Burns
Member reactions:
I'd like to second that. Totally solid performance here, Hidden.
So sad but true … brilliant title and excellent graphic.
Here's a WIP animation---Over 50 layers in this one. Work In Progress Animation
I give it an 11 Lol. Extremely Well Done.
I am surprised this did not win. It is frickin excellent. Top tree congrats.
Great job on a lost Coz LunaC. Awesome job on the motion blur and flames. You gave me a run for my money. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny LOST returns?

LOST returns?
Lost Season 7 Spoilers: A Remake Instead Of A Sequel. Showrunner Claims That A New Series Is Certain. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Rocks indeed. Very clever use of his bald head as an island. I was going to suggest that you remove the dark pixel line at the top, but you did it already
i guess my 9 didn't help. great work as usual dd.
Had a deadline and missed the vote. I have no words. I was sure it would grab a top spot.
Yeah spinner it's ridiculous. 7........ really, can't tell ya how ... ed I am.

Funny You lost, the bald-shorty!

You lost, the bald-shorty!
You lost the bald-shorty (Described Judoka)
Member reactions:
Funny, but I'd remove Putin shooting the bird from the banner
Two players. One won and another lost. Probably uniforms color has to be different to show different team players, but it is too late now for changes.
Thank you. But I can only watch voting. I am far away from my Photoshop PC.
Fantastic work... Its a signature job done like the way Obama and Putin are put together competing each other by showing their characters for Basketball good work with shadows as well like it
I agree with Paco about colors, otherwise players of the same team but with different sponsors
Great political satire, but I agree that it'd be nice to have them in different uniforms, playing for two different teams.
Thank you, MsgtBob, Jeremix and NewsMaster.

Funny Your Majesty Beer Deliverer lost on the country road

Your Majesty Beer Deliverer lost on the country road
Member reactions:
Very funny... your magesty beer definately make to have some lick on it
The chop and the royal beer are great, but the legs are in an awkward position - they can't really connect to Mr. Bean's torso. Do they belong to his female companion maybe.
Another and another...and this is what happens. Gooood .
NewsMaster, Mr.Bean is innocent. Girl just is using time during the stop. Probably she is drinking too. LucianoMorelli, weekend is ended and we have to stop drinking procedure, but we can continue next weekend.
Ahh, awesome edit, Andrew. Now there's no confusion about the legs

Funny Lost Pilot

Lost Pilot
Sad... U.S. Navy Pilot Missing After Jets Crash Into Pacific Ocean
Member reactions:
All that's missing is the Rescue chopper in the distance coming to the rescue. Looks like he's got a tough time ahead. Interesting theme.
Ahh, but geriatric, there's a reason you don't see a helicopter, unfortunately, they never found him.
Great photo-realistic chop … I love how it appears as if there's a rescue light on him.

Funny Celebrities Losing Heads

Celebrities Losing Heads
"Horsemaning," or fake beheading, was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. It's currently experiencing a revival and is basically the new planking. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend. Photoshop headless celebrities holding their heads any way you wish. Please avoid too much blood in your entries.

Funny Lost Tourists

Lost Tourists
Photoshop this lost tourists family (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up the tourists, placing these lost tourists in some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Vullioud Pierre-André and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Celebrities Losing Face

Celebrities Losing Face
Reasearch has found that human jaws, eyes, noses, and skullbones are about 30% smaller than our ancestors had. Head size is gradually shrinking too. In the not so distant future women will be asking a classic question: "Does this head make my ass look big?" In this contest you are asked to photoshop celebrities or politicians and make one of the following: * Make part of their face (eyes, nose, mouth) disappear * Make the whole face disappear * Shrink their head size

Funny NASA loses moon landing tape

NASA loses moon landing tape
NASA has just announced they lost the moon landing tape. Well, that's quite surprising isn't it? "Looking for over a year, and still can't find the tape" is quite a statement worthy of the world leading Space agency fed with with billions of dollars from tax payers. And to make matters worse, it's not just a tiny roll of tape, ... NASA says "there are over 700 BOXES of transmission tape from Apollo missing". After statements like that I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow NASA boss comes up with a statement "OK, found it. It was under a couch." There's a speculation, however, that NASA people are "full of wit" and that the tape is missing because the whole Moon landing was staged and filmed hoax, and now they decided to get rid of the evidence. Well, not to worry, folks, FreakingNews is here to save the world yet again. Let us help NASA 'restore' the missing tape by showing the stills / photos of Moon landing mission in its original "uncut version" showing all the evidence that moon landing was a staged hoax. P.S. Since the time I first published this contest, NASA has published they now can't find their Shuttle Discovery either. Just kidding. But it's only a matter ot time, you know...

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