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Funny Loser Pictures

Biggest LoserFunny Biggest Loser
Member reactions:
He was our fattest president---but not any more.

Member reactions:

Nice detail on the face....He is not a looser, he is a fighter
Nice effects now looks so intense in here

Mona Loser Lips and NoseFunny Mona Loser Lips and Nose
Member reactions:

Creepy, I may hang this on my refrigerator for Halloween. Excellent Job.
Looks Horrifying but good work on the skin touches over her nose and the teeth and the bloody spilling as well.....

Jackie Chan LoserFunny Jackie Chan Loser
Member reactions:

I love your use of black and white in this picture. It gives it atmosphere.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper  - L For LoserFunny Dr. Sheldon Cooper - L For Loser
Member reactions:

The great Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the fantastic series Big Bang Theory Click for the step of work
The Google brain part is brilliant here. Geeks rule, and so does this chop.
Great work. Love the step by step work through also.
awesome stuff, love your step by the show, and love your chop...awesome...
4th place.. Are you kidding me.. I thought this one had gold written all over it. Amazing work. You should be proud of your talent...
Wonderful job, love the colors and the concept. My congrats..

USA Loser Dollar Food StampFunny USA Loser Dollar Food Stamp
Member reactions:

Love the blending and the wording on the stamp is hilarious (and listen Fatty...). L.0005ER is also a clever detail
Love this one john1, great job. You should have had my trophy in my opinion.
thanks everyone rw mate yours is well worth your trophy. loads of great chops in this comp
very nice chop...perfect...u should have atrophy on this chop...but good luck next time....keep going

LosersFunny Losers
Member reactions:

NY Yankee LOSERSFunny NY Yankee LOSERS
Member reactions:

In response to the "Pink Sox" entry After last season's sound thrashing by the Red Sox, NY Yankees change name to the Spank mes. Hey, gotta stand up for the home team, right.
Bet there are some fans that can think of a few other names as well. Nice job on this.

Sore LoserFunny Sore Loser
Member reactions:

hmmm... no crowd around here anymore.

Member reactions:

No Matter Who Wins, We All Lose.

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