Loretta Lynch Goes To Jail
Loretta Lynch Goes To Jail
Loretta Lynch Goes To Jail.

Funny Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch

Loretta Lynch the Free Speech Grinch
Ted Cruz Denounces Loretta Lynch
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Nice one D. PC if continued will be the death of us.

Funny Loretta Lynch Our Next Attorney General with a Beard

Loretta Lynch Our Next Attorney General with a Beard
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She has Very Distinguished and a Totally Trustworthy look about her. NOT....
Thanks Wanderer and Splat, At this point an appointee's qualification matter not. Obama is only concerned with doing things for the World Record Book. The 1st this or the 1st that.
Great merge... no scars and the marks seen good one
Look at what women have to do to reach power.
Almost an infringement on Planet of the Apes copyright hahahaha, Well, hopefully she is better than Holder. That guy was a walking bag of dirty laundry. Nice chop.
Ha,, "What Difference Does It Make". thanks all

Funny Loretta Young Colorized Photo

Loretta Young Colorized Photo
Original BLACK & WHITE here My thanks to Dr.Macro for the source.
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LOVE it. Really nice work. This lavender is the color my grandmother's bedroom was done in. I think her bed skirt was fashioned after this dress. And I STILL love this work. In spite of the disturbing flashbacks.
this is awesome, what program do you use to do the color so good.
Thanks everyone. Burntfaery, I did this in Photoshop.
Another outstanding colorisation job Sassy., good win
sassy,i was at a party last night showed everyone the site,,this chop was a hit. congrats..
One of the most realistic colorizations I've seen. Looks natural--not like a hand painted BW photo. Outstanding Deb---congrats.
Striking colorization work, looks like a photo. Congratulations on the gold, Deb.
.. Excellent job on this colorization Deb, looks very real. Congrats

Funny Two Faced Loretta Young

Two Faced Loretta Young

Funny Loretta Young with Nose Eyes

Loretta Young with Nose Eyes
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Excellent work, MayUDream, congratulations on your first advanced gold.

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