D.Trump Lord Of The Bats
D.Trump Lord Of The Bats
D.Trump Lord Of The Bats. Member reactions:
great job. Gold Grats
Awesome piece of work, Mano. Congrats on the Gold.
Quality Job. Conbatulations on the Gold Win, Mano.

Funny Lord Bergoglio

Lord Bergoglio
Member reactions:
Excellent transformation and a Killer original view.

Funny The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings

Funny Lord Obama Voldemort

Lord Obama Voldemort
Member reactions:
You caught him in character hahahah. Gold........ You were overdue. Nice job young lady
Gold Congrats, Hobbit. Excellent quality work.
Congrats on the gold hobbit,very well done
Congrats on a well deserved Gold, Hobbit. Super Chopp'n.


One KEY to rule them all, One KEY to find them, One KEY to bring them all and in enlightenment bind them "LORD OF THE KEYS"

Funny Drug Lord El Chapo Threatens Trump

Drug Lord El Chapo Threatens Trump
Escaped drug lord threatens Donald Trump

Funny the real Time Lord

the real Time Lord
Member reactions:
My son calls himself the TIME LORD. No mattter where he goes, he is late.
Decent work, but hair masking could use some adjustment - the drawing board is still partially visible around his hair

Funny Bill Lord of the Strings

Bill Lord of the Strings
Done for my friend Bill
Member reactions:
Has a KeepItReal or Jeremix familiarity to it. Excellent work, Top Notch
Really impressive and clean work, Hidden. I hope your friend liked it as much we we did.
Wonderful tribute to your friend, congrats on the Silver.
Thanks everyone. As for your lighting concerns PMS, it's a camp fire, or camera flash, or a flash light, or the light from a UFO, I don't know, I wasn't there.
Correct answer DD . I assumed a campfire from the warm glow. Sometimes a suggestion is better that the picture. Great job.... I love it. #3 Cup congrats
Congrats on the silver deaddog Very nice.
Congrats on the Silver D-Dog very nicely done, I'm sure your friend loved it.
Yeah Bill thought it was awesome. He almost didn't catch it at first because he saw it on a friends phone untill Randy pointed out the ears then he got a belly laugh.
I thought about the bonfire light, some floating embers, just ran out of time. It would have been a nice addition.

Funny The Lord of the Sphynx Cats

The Lord of the Sphynx Cats
Member reactions:
unfortunately you left the watermark at the bottom.
That looks like you just put a pic of a statue figurine you can buy online.If I'm wrong ,I apologize .
When I see a Gollum image, apic, a gadget, amovie scene or whatever else i think at "The lord of the rings" so I think this link is enough for the contest theme....but, of course, is just my opinion.
Add some movie credits at the bottom and you have a top entry

Funny Lord Rothschild has the World in His Hands

Lord Rothschild has the World in His Hands
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

Funny Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings
Photoshop characters of Lord of the Rings in real life, OR put politicians / celebrities in LOTR movie. Creating yet another alternative Lord of the Rings ending with politicians / celebrities is a plus.

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