Magic Harry Cuts Loose
Magic Harry Cuts Loose
Magic Harry Cuts Loose. Harry's true passion revealed.
Member reactions:
Top Job, Steve. Camilla and Queens expressions awesome.

Funny Vladimir Putin Mutant Got Loose of his Leash

Vladimir Putin Mutant Got Loose of his Leash
Got loose of his leash.
Member reactions:
Really great, but needs more work on shadows.
Thank you, my friend. Added shade for dynamite, cart and banner. Please let me know if I skip anything.
Great political chop. Regarding the shadows - I'd make the shadow edges much softer - they are a bit too sharp now.

Funny Aches and Pains - Too Long - Too Loose

Aches and Pains - Too Long - Too Loose

Funny Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw Tattoo

Jesse Smith Caricature from Loose Screw Tattoo

Funny Dinosaur Loose in the City

Dinosaur Loose in the City
Member reactions:
Beautiful.I really love colors and lighting here...
Looks real but I hope is not Congrats on the cup again, great works ..
Looks rather real. This raptor brought some wood too. Congrats again, PSM.

Funny Upon Loosing My Head

Upon Loosing My Head
My first entry into the FreakingNews arena. Hopefully i get some feedback, as i would like to get better at what i do. Thanks for looking... *stock: Model(thanks to attemptestockdA) House is my mothers stock and face is from my own stock. and textures from and
Member reactions:
This is brilliant work. Welcome to FN. You seems great Artist.
very nice, and welcome to FN, did u fade the colors a bit, to give the piece a vintage feeling ..
Thank you. and i used a few different techniques to achieve that vintage look. between the textures and the gradiants, along with a saturation layer all added to it. and the background photo is in black and white originally, so... it helped.
Freaking Great. Nice feel to this, well done.
Unique.One suggestion would be a workable link(as per News contest instructions) to sources but, that is minimal. Good luck.
wanna get better in what you do. Better than this.. I love it
S, It should be in your Group
Krrish, this should be our secret hidden, I've always got a crush on Vintage Pics , good luck
comments like this will make me post more often here. thank you all so very much. Salis, so do i.
The mood and the style of this chop deserves admiration. Welcome to FreakingNews. Looks like you'll fit right in.

Funny Scrat Looses His Acorn Again

Scrat Looses His Acorn Again
Scrat is the hilarious character that makes the film ICE AGE. He is obsessed with his acorn and will do ANYTHING to get at it.
Member reactions:
I didn't know what to do with this contest image but, YOU did.Funny.
Thank you, geriatric . & yes, not an easy one...
Challenging source indeed, and you did a great job with it. Congrats on the silver, Arno.
Thx Master . Thx geriatric . & it wasn't a simple dressing : 3 externals were needed for the final result. ( but I don't know how to proceed for creating a source(s) link that works with just a clic )

Funny Obama Hanging Loose

Obama Hanging Loose
My Sources:
Member reactions:
Looks artistic. I'd add some shadows from Obama

Funny Loose Stool

Loose Stool
Fred recommends Immodium Advanced for all your incontinence issues. Fred says, "cap your cave with Immodium Advanced."

Funny Giant Snake Loose in Walmart

Giant Snake Loose in Walmart
I was to late to enter this in the news contest so perhaps someone will enjoy it here.
Member reactions:
Yummy... rattle snakes 50% off ha ha ha all there in store were scared to this offer

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