Girl Riding a Loon
Girl Riding a Loon
Girl Riding a Loon. Normally they don't allow pets on the Loon Ride...her tears changed their minds.
Member reactions:
Nice idea. The girl became a tad blurry though
Well geeees...that's a fast Loon and she's just hangin' on for dear life with her pigeon. Of course she's blurry.

Funny Loon with Sails

Loon with Sails
Aquatic Animals definition, for those of you that don't know what a loon is.
Member reactions:
In charge of the vessel Captain Fransis Drake

Funny The Loon

The Loon

Funny The Smoking Loon

The Smoking Loon
A bottle of Smoking Loon can make posing for a painter bearable...and it casts a long shadow.
Member reactions:
I sure am glad you added English...French is lost on me.
Sorry . I just wrote what appear on the background picture. That means : "and god created woman".
Yummy.. I love this stuff --- Piped Tobacco Bottle looks great, put some shadow to it, will be better

Funny Twilight - New Loon Movie

Twilight - New Loon Movie
Member reactions:
New Loon was a great idea - nice play on words. I'd make the picture more of a poster art though, rather than a photo

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