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Woman Looking Over her ShoulderFunny Woman Looking Over her Shoulder
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I found a lovely photograph on the net showing a woman looking over her shoulder so I did this image using the photo as a reference. I digitally drew all of the pictures using Photoshop with the exception of the flowers on her hair. mixed media

Gooding Is Looking GoodFunny Gooding Is Looking Good
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Freeman's New LookFunny Freeman's New Look
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New lookFunny New look
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Everybody's Looking for Yanukovich!Funny Everybody's Looking for Yanukovich!
Member reactions:

Times are changing . Once we used to have skeletons in the closets....
Lol doggie doo. Newspaper, great job JS

Katy Perry sporting her new lookFunny Katy Perry sporting her new look
Member reactions:

Embracing the bearded look.
Hahahahaha Rajesh, you are young, it is the hormones, son Nice job as always.

First for lookFunny First for look
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Looking at the skyFunny Looking at the sky
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I think I know what he's looking at and she's perched above him on a telephone wire. Definitely love at first sight.
A perfect body language and a perfect balanced work to match it well done

Cricket - Look What You've Been MissingFunny Cricket - Look What You've Been Missing
Member reactions:

If Opponent's cheer girls are behind... then the greatest batsman will definitely fall
Freaking hilarious. When I lived in England I heard this phrase several times from foreigners - "Here's one thing we'll never get about England - Cricket"

Looking For a HiddenFunny Looking For a Hidden
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Hahaha, genius entry title. Is that you on the left, hidden.

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