Looking For Something?
Looking For Something?
Looking For Something?. . Member reactions:
Not sure the ibis is looking up at the egg or down at....

Funny how do i look

how do i look
. Member reactions:
Mileylicious A total fox.
Your work is getting cleaner and she is a perfect subject. :0
thanks for the good comments everyone im glad you feel like im improving.. but yet some still low raters that are unsatisfied oh well HATERZ

Funny Woman Looking Over her Shoulder

Woman Looking Over her Shoulder
I found a lovely photograph on the net showing a woman looking over her shoulder so I did this image using the photo as a reference. I digitallydrew all of the pictures using Photoshop with the exception of the flowers on her hair.mixed media

Funny Gooding Is Looking Good

Gooding Is Looking Good
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Funny Freeman's New Look

Freeman's New Look

Funny New look

New look

Funny Everybody's Looking for Yanukovich!

Everybody's Looking for Yanukovich!
. Member reactions:
Times are changing . Once we used to have skeletons in the closets....
Lol doggie doo. Newspaper, great job JS

Funny Katy Perry sporting her new look

Katy Perry sporting her new look
Embracing the bearded look.. Member reactions:
Hahahahaha Rajesh, you are young, it is the hormones, son Nice job as always.

Funny First for look

First for look

Funny Looking at the sky

Looking at the sky
. Member reactions:
I think I know what he's looking at and she's perched above him on a telephone wire. Definitely love at first sight.
A perfect body language and a perfect balanced work to match it well done

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