Twilight New Loo Movie
Twilight New Loo Movie
Twilight New Loo Movie. Edward must face New Loo, will he keep his cool, or will he get doodiety

Funny Loo

The Spill Proof Hugging Urinal
Member reactions:
I think it would scare the crap out of you if it wouldn't let go..............

Funny WI-FI Reaches the Porta-Loo

WI-FI Reaches the Porta-Loo
A sullen kid ponders a sign on a port a-John next to a small business that advertises Wi-Fi access.

Funny Bog / Toilet / Loo .... Signs

Bog / Toilet / Loo .... Signs
Member reactions:
Lot of logos included on this image good job done
OMG this is the best work I have ever seen in any of the Toilet in my whole life you are genius hidden
Thank you one and all for the KIND comments ... I will keep trying and learning Cheers

Funny Virgin Loo Digital Art

Virgin Loo Digital Art
his first time....

Funny Breakin In Two: Electric Bull Ga Loo!

Breakin In Two: Electric Bull Ga Loo!
Member reactions:
Dancing the days away I'd add some shadows from the guy

Funny Beach loo.

Beach loo.

Funny Rose loo

Rose loo
Everything is rosie
Member reactions:
Roses are red. Violets are blue. There are roses in the toilet. And I need to go poo.

Funny Scuba loo

Scuba loo
Member reactions:
Hey, I say this photo in a Mototrend magazine. still funny though. "Hey America, regieme change starts at home"

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