Matthew McConaughey's Lonely Birthday
Matthew McConaughey's Lonely Birthday
Matthew McConaughey's Lonely Birthday. Sources

Funny Hillary Clinton's Lonely Night in Bed

Hillary Clinton's Lonely Night in Bed

Funny A Lonely Tree

A Lonely Tree
Member reactions:
Beautiful ambiance, a lonely tree in the snow covered mountain so peaceful and clam...
show sources. we have no idea what you've done. its beautiful though.

Funny Lonely Circus Princess

Lonely Circus Princess
Member reactions:
The princes is more scary than entertaining see here hair hmmmm ....

Funny Lonely Woman in the Forest

Lonely Woman in the Forest
Member reactions:
Great looking image. Looks like she got lost on the way to the prom.
Lovely girl in the lonely night good one

Funny Lonely at the Beach

Lonely at the Beach
Member reactions:
Awesome. Full glasses on the deck and fantastic background in foregrounds window ha ha ha..
This really excellent, Great thought to tie the rope to the beer glasses, wonderful idea... Good job

Funny Woman Alone and Lonely on the Beach

Woman Alone and Lonely on the Beach
Hope you like it
Member reactions:
Very clean job. The dress has more shadows it's look like floating . But you got high marks.
heh no, dress really looks like floating, my mistake and thanks
Gorgeously done . . . beautiful work . . . maybe if she threw on some color, and fixed her hair and makeup a little, she could get a date ... I mean she's pretty hot
Congratulations on the Bronze, I'm surprised you found the other images so badly done that the highest vote you gave was a 3
You should have linked to the deviant artist who created her image, as per his request.
Yes congrats, but I do agree with D-Man, do u really think that the entries above/below you deserved a vote of no more than 3. I'm sry but this to me makes your Winning cup pretty empty. As it was, your vote was null-n-void as your Karma is at the lowest. Good luck in the future & please try to vote fair...where you can build your karma & make that vote worth the effort.
thanks.. and I don't think that the entries are so bad, I was just trying vote, because before I had some problems with voting.
According to the vote history you havent voted fairly in any of the 25 contests you have been in so far.
If you need help voting refer to the FAQ as you should have read when you joined the site Thx

Funny Sad Lonely Girl

Sad Lonely Girl
this girl sad caused her father and mother leave her. source :
Member reactions:
This is beautiful, but what's with the right third of it.
it is zoom preview. cause in normal view detail of tears can't seeded.
Looks very beautiful, nice background good job done
now this is art....too bad we couldnt see the process in how you did it....still totally awesome
this is the source,
O_O.. i am surprised that this is not 1rst....this is totally awesome.....great work....
It's a fabulous image but the right part ruins it somewhat. Plus it also makes the main image smaller in the contest view because the right part takes space
i think this pic should have been higher....but i dont want to "should" yourself to death.....beautiful pic
I agree with Newsey but I am still adding this beautiful image to my favorites

Funny Lonely Girl in a Convertible

Lonely Girl in a Convertible
Her Sister don't like to come with her. So see her feelings, how sad she is now.
Member reactions:
very creative... well done, great ideia.

Funny Lonely Woman on a Swing

Lonely Woman on a Swing
Member reactions:
thank you kratos, , she is so beautiful girl.
stunning girl and stunning background..well done...
'Lonely' would not be a word in her vocabulary. Nice .
Lovely girl and, a predictably, 'Yosi' style, stunning creation.

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