Phil Collins Lolipop Kid
Phil Collins Lolipop Kid
Phil Collins Lolipop Kid. Member reactions:
Now this is funny........ this is a chop.
cool work... love the expression on his face....
Always thought he had a bit of a Munchkin look about him.
He makes a great leprechaun. great stuff. Not sure how the spaceship is connected though
Newsey, I see some remains of that Iron Curtain. Maybe the Wizard of Oz is an American thing and too obscure for an international audience. The green spaceship is representational of the emerald city And like MrMo2 said, phill reminds one of a munchkin hahahah Lolipop kids were 3 munchkins that sang a song to Dorothy welcoming her to Munchkin Land, a territory under the governorship of OZ
Should have known this was you. Congrats.
Yeah, this is classic hitspinner about 15-20 source pics, maybe 25 layers 5 -6 hours, done in a satirically dry and apparently obscure humor with a touch of illustrator's compositional eye. hahahahah Does that define it. I dunno it sounds lofty enough hahahahahah Well, it looks like this CRT needs emergency care because it looks like somebody threw too much bleach in the wash. Its all hazy and faded in spite of trying to calibrate. I have had some continuing trouble so this might be the end. You guys(fans) might have a little wait before the next chop. Sorry bout that. I can still field your emails, there is still that much definition, but color imaging.... nada chance Cheers gang
Great work...I love how you made his face expression and that curly hair it looks so lovely I like it a lot. My congrats..
his face expression tells u for sure that he won't share his Lollipop. grrr.. nice work Wiseman
Congrats on the wood, Hits. and I know Wizard of Oz very well but saw no leprechauns nor starships there
Think of it as a 22nd century rewrite hahahahahaha Instead of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" The theme song would be, "Some Hair, Over my Eyebrows"

Funny Angelina Jolie Wearing a Lolipop Shirt

Angelina Jolie Wearing a Lolipop Shirt
Really hit the sweet spot this time.
Member reactions:
Looks very flat. Some blending and shadows would make it better. Good idea.
Dizzying effect. Although some shadows on the ly pops would add a nice touch.

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