Lindsay Lohan Gets Decked
Lindsay Lohan Gets Decked
Lindsay Lohan Gets Decked. Lindsay Lohan Tries to Kidnap Children

Funny Lindsay Lohan Devil inthe Blue Dress

Lindsay Lohan Devil inthe Blue Dress

Funny Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods

Lindsay Lohan and Tiger Woods
Honey my Glass is empty
Member reactions:
Perfect reflection in the water. Drowned car very sorry.
Thanks Wanderer. Congrats on your showing whoop whoop

Funny Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot

Lindsay Lohan the Criminal Carrot
All feed back is appreciated.
Member reactions:
Like the concept... the lady perfectly fits into with those carrots
Thanks NewsMaster and rajeshstar. I don't think LILO would be upset about being a veggie in a women's prison. If the Freudian connotations escaped her, maybe James Franco would write a poem.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Standing on Herbie The New Car

Lindsay Lohan Standing on Herbie The New Car
Member reactions:
Good use of background... and well finish like it

Funny Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine

Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine
Was Lindsay Lohan reaching for a bottle. Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent....didnt notice the handcuff at first...
Awesome chop... like the vineyards and the Wine with butterflys hover around it
The whole chop is great, but I especially love how you added the sly snake.
Ummmmmmmmmm, why didn't this chop win a cup. This is beautiful work
you would have to ask the administrator that scored it a 7 with their 300 points and the other 4 who couldn't give it a 9 I guess spinner.

Funny Lindsay Lohan In Three Dimensions

Lindsay Lohan In Three Dimensions
Member reactions:
I have seen this.... type in Total Recal 1990 Threesome chop good one
Laughing my a55 offffaaakk Extra booo-booo is the Aliens thought hidden.... salute to ur idea and these charges to her is the heights of the crazyness ... good luck

Funny Hairy Lindsay Lohan Prison Workout

Hairy Lindsay Lohan Prison Workout
Lindsay Lohan 6 Month Prison Workout Supplies needed: crack cocaine,alcohol,testosterone shots,steroids,beer keg,crack pipe,joint,cigarettes,bar of soap, Workout Schedule: Everyday: 1000 push ups,1000 sit ups,1000 pull ups,2 "drop the soap exercises" once in the morning and once in the evening before bed time."Supplies" must be used 5 times per day.

Funny Lindsay Lohan on Letterman in Handcuffs

Lindsay Lohan on Letterman in Handcuffs
BEST VIEW Lohan Letterman: Lindsay to Appear on 'Late Show' on April 6 Following Plea Deal stocks (I added all the freckles to her arm and legs as well)
Member reactions:
Interview with Handcuffed can't imagine what would happen next after the late night interview
Thats shocking news and the rocking caricature with her eyeroll and hand clubbed
Double Woody congrats, Billy Mac. Love the faces, handcuffs, monitoring device and other stuff.
Congrats on the Double Tap Qtrmoonshop, great detail.
I was once erroneously handcuffed by the authorities…too long a story for here…but if memory serves, there sure weren't twelve links in MY matching bracelets. But then again, Lohan has always been given way too long a leash by the law. Great chop, Qtrmoonshop.
Many Thanks to all … I appreciate the kind words. AntonZ: yeah, Lol … I took a little artistic license there, … they're more like shackles I guess … what you said works for me too
"Go to Jail" monopoly card cracked me up here. Congrats on the wood too, Bill.
Thank you kindly, silvercanine.

Funny Lindsay Lohan the Nun

Lindsay Lohan the Nun
Member reactions:
So New Pope will get Hot new Nurse to take care of him great chop and nice wordings used in the magazine cover
Laughing laud this is the freaky idea and what a professional cover and I was trying to find "Page 4" for more photos
Clever and hilarious. Congrats on the bronze, GRM.

Funny Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has checked into rehab this week. Which is surprising since she hasn't even reached her legal drinking age. She said she is only drinking a lot of Red Bull at pubs and asked her doctor how she could develop such an alcohol addiction. According to the doctor, Lindsay's problem is she's not only drinking Red Bull, she is telling a lot of Bull too. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Lindsay Lohan's drinking problem. Examples include showing her in the rehab, and making Lohan appear in advertisements and promote any famous alcohol drinks (Absolut, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, etc.) Your entries have to include both Lindsay Lohan and alcohol. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

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