Contractor Zuckerberg is removing blue material from logo
Contractor Zuckerberg is removing blue material from logo
Contractor Zuckerberg is removing blue material from logo.

Funny Logo after blending apple with vodka

Logo after blending apple with vodka
Member reactions:
The apple doesn't appear like it's inside the blender.

Funny Google Supermoon Website Logo

Google Supermoon Website Logo
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Wood (best of the bunch, in my opinion).

Funny Tim Cook with the Apple Logo

Tim Cook with the Apple Logo

Funny Surreal ABC Logo

Surreal ABC Logo
On our Abc TV network, they have a TV channel ABC2 and it's the logo that gets me everytime, initially I see something completely different than the No.2. The shape of No. 2 in the logo is represented in the pic. Is it only me or do you folks see something different as well.
Member reactions:
Hard to understand the concept but gives good sensations.
It's all about saex.
Hey, welcome back stranger. Yep, it has a 5exy drive to it

Funny Mick Jagger's Tongue Logo Artist

Mick Jagger's Tongue Logo Artist
Artist trashes Jagger in media SOURCE
Member reactions:
Good Caricature and nice makeover of his lips and tongue very creative

Funny IKEA Kia Motors Logo

IKEA Kia Motors Logo

Funny Giraffe Facebook Logo

Giraffe Facebook Logo
Member reactions:
Good creativity shown using the facebook logo and Giraffe
Off the Hook, PacMan. Congrats winning Wood.

Funny Hyster Barcode Logo

Hyster Barcode Logo
"Jeez. There's a whole lot of fun Barcodes out there."

Funny New Freaking News Logo

New Freaking News Logo
Member reactions:
Hahaha, love it. The motto words are a great touch too
i dont know what happened to the pic tho....when i uploaded it thats when i noticed all the artifacts in the pic....i will resubmit it with a cleaner image
Some days it should be a called a "Long Billed Cuckoo"....Very nice
Funny u'll find that red does produce a lot of artifacts, but if viewed full that pulls them out a bit
Great job, I am envious of your shadowing skills
Congrats Robin...Loved your emblem..really cool mate...

Funny Famous Logos

Famous Logos
Could big brands save millions of dollars a year and help preserve the environment just by slightly changing their logos? French graphic designer Sylvain Boyer thinks so, and he's started a project to demonstrate it. All it takes, he says, is to redesign the logos to use less ink. Since corporate giants print them so frequently and on so many different materials, just a small change can have a huge effect. Freakers can do better! It's your turn to redesign famous logos. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more information about the logo redesignsVisit This Link

Funny Logos & Brands

Logos & Brands
BMW corporation already owns three car brands - BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce - and now it is planning to launch its fourth green car brand. The car will be designed environmentally friendly. The name of the car brand and the logo will be chosen later. Photoshop famous logos and brands (company, products, etc.) any way you like. Examples include changing the names (FedUp , instead of FedEx, Coca Colt, etc.) You can even merge two different brands if you like. Your logos and brands can be shown separately or directly on the products.

Funny Corporate Logos in Food

Corporate Logos in Food
Corporate world is using more and more food types to establish brand recognition. In this contest you are asked to use any food types to bear famous company logos in one way or another - food shape, food paint job, etc.

Funny Logos & Brands Imitation

Logos & Brands Imitation
Create "new" logos or brand products that might appear to be somewhat similar to the original brands. Submissions must be mimicking an ACTUAL name brand product or logo.

Funny Logos

Design a new logo for any existing popular brands: McDonalds, Pepsi, Freaking News, etc.

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