iPhone Rotting Apple Logo
iPhone Rotting Apple Logo
iPhone Rotting Apple Logo. Apple's reputation untarnished by mishaps

Funny Barack Obama Logo Eclipse

Barack Obama Logo Eclipse
Member reactions:
apraxine. Obama is black ...duh.
Smart. aprax.

Funny Starbucks New logo

Starbucks New logo
Anger at 'ball warmerty' Starbucks logo
Member reactions:
i think the chicks at "Resistance" should spread THEIR lesg more often.

Funny Indian Jaguar Logo

Indian Jaguar Logo
Member reactions:
Hehe, Good thinking... Hmm, Would making it an emaciated kitty go to far...
Emaciated kitty... bwahahaha I know, poor taste, but still.
You're too close to the peak Zorro. Keep it going.

Funny Malt Disney Logo

Malt Disney Logo

Funny Mercedes Beemer Logo

Mercedes Beemer Logo

Funny Marco Polo Logo

Marco Polo Logo

Funny Ford Fraud Logo

Ford Fraud Logo
Always check the badges close, or you just might get stuck with a Fraud. Have you driven a Fraud lately.
Member reactions:
COOL. but I owned a few Frauds and they weren't bad vehicles.
Congrats KillerBee Nice job on the lettering. I had one that said Freud. It was a real basket case.
WhoooHooooo....congrats on the double whammy darlin... wonderful work.

Funny Aerosmith Butterfly Logo

Aerosmith Butterfly Logo

Funny Grateful Dead Starbucks Logo

Grateful Dead Starbucks Logo
If still around nowadays, Grateful Dead would advertise Starbucks Coffee - the drink that allows them to keep playing their music into the night...
Member reactions:
Now now there... you'll give coffee a bad name. (like they needed more help) Gotta love Garcia and his Deadheads if you're any kind of child of the 60's.

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