Easy as falling off a Log
Easy as falling off a Log
Easy as falling off a Log.

Funny Twing Gorillas Hanging from a Log

Twing Gorillas Hanging from a Log
Member reactions:
Pretty good, and I recognize one of the Ibises The gorillas and the tree have strange blue-ish colors patterns though

Funny Paper Machines Harvesting Logs

Paper Machines Harvesting Logs
Member reactions:
The tree is very important for our health so save the tree

Funny Steve Jobs Logging Off

Steve Jobs Logging Off
please view in Hi-Res to see the message on the screen
Member reactions:
This makes me cry. So sentimental. (Nice.)
full view is a must to read the fine print. Very clever. nice chop.
Congrats qtrmoonshop . The message on the screen is the good idea .
Nice work.......well done. Congrats on the silver.
Thanks everyone . . . Truly appreciated. The message showed up on my screen as I was quitting the browser, while working on this image, and I thought Hmmm . . . who knew the idea would turn silver . . . much obliged

Funny Logging Truck in Autumn

Logging Truck in Autumn
Don't take our beautiful trees for granted, at this rate, one day they'll all be gone forever.
Member reactions:
Very nice image and I love the idea. Only critique I can give is maybe adding just a little shading. I think the sun would be casting light on the left side of the truck causing more of a shadow by the rear tires on the ground. Nice job chopping the trees down. It is very convincing.
I love your idea and the statement. Your truck, however is lit from the right, and the landscape from the left. To make it realistic you'd need to shade the logs on R and add highlights on L, also change shadows on ends of logs. Under your treestumps there are repetitive marks from the clone tool - see if you can break them up to look more random.
Great idea combined with a great execution, this is my fav.
Thanks for the valid critique guys. Hope this is improved.
I still see evidence of the cloning tool in the leaves on the left side under the first & second stumps. Otherwise it's a great entry. Love the imact statement. Bravo.
Something different. VERY clever idea. I'm not sure the hue of the truck shadow is quite right, also it's length relative to those of the stumps, but these are minor things. At first glance I was impressed.
The edited image looks much better. Removing the cloned leaves in the grass & shading helps a lot.
nice texnique with the clone tool, and the idea for the picture, excelent
Good statement, but the truck should be a bit more distant for the perspective.

Funny Log Rollers

Log Rollers
Member reactions:
Good one. but the bubbles ending in a vertical line down the center could be fixed.

Funny Man Riding a Bicycle Over a Burning Log Brige

Man Riding a Bicycle Over a Burning Log Brige

Funny Loch Ness Monster Log

Loch Ness Monster Log
bad lighting, maybe..
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha This is fantastic SaW work with PS

Funny Log Horned Cattle

Log Horned Cattle
Member reactions:
Fighter cow
Excellent merging of multiple horns, looks different

Funny Boy With a Skipping Rope on a Log

Boy With a Skipping Rope on a Log

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