The Hurt Locker
The Hurt Locker
The Hurt Locker. I live on a boat and some time ago an old house barge, basically a small cabin on a wood barge, in my marina 6 slips away, was nearly chewed in half by one or more Muskrats all the way around the water line and sank it. My boat is also wood but still has strong hard wood unlike the barge which was all rotten. Although my boat was solid, knowing that the rotten barge had been hauled away, and those same muskrats swam back and fourth by my boat all day, I knew deep down inside that I couldn’t let the chance that they would start chewing on my boat next and they can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time, like while your asleep, or at work. The marina wasn’t going to do anything about it so I had no choice but to eliminate the threat myself, and I did. Two of them made a mud and vine nest up the tailpipe of my neighbors boat. He was lucky I saw it happening . I got those two also. Hence………. Muskrat Dundee. Side note: this was not something I wanted to do but was left with no choice but to defend my home. It’s like having an arsonist lighting fires in your neighborhood and knowing you could be next, you can’t sleep.
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I'm gonna report you to PITA. #Ratlivesmatter
... great chop'n hidden . Those pesky rodents got what they deserved. After all they are Musk-RATS. On the other hand... click here to listen and watch ♥Susie and Sam♥ ~~~~ (Muskrat Love)
Excellent job Hidden. You could be a Bounty Hunter. Many states have bounties on them.
Thanks friends, yeah, they’re a nasty problem throughout the country and I will never be totally rid of them
Congrats on the muskrat lovin' Wood cup. LoL Fantastic chop n story DeadDog.

Funny Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Sitting in School Lockers

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Sitting in School Lockers
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... both the facial expression is hilarious

Funny Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones Locker
Im sure that it MUST have been done before somewhere on the net

Funny Big Bird in The Hurt Locker Movie

Big Bird in The Hurt Locker Movie
Member reactions:
Get rid of the dot at the end the sentence.

Funny Dyslexic Foot Locker Logo

Dyslexic Foot Locker Logo
Member reactions:
Very well done like the idea of the title its being funny today

Funny Osama's Locker

Osama's Locker
Since his burial was at sea - he can now come back as a pirate - release the Kracken ..
Member reactions:
Great blend of the face - Osama's face is still recognizable even wit thus super-transformation. Nice work on the turban too

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