Paddys Day Lock In
Paddys Day Lock In
Paddys Day Lock In. President Trump ,VP Mike Pence,Irish President Michael D Higgins And Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
Member reactions:
Outstanding collection of Paddy Day revelers. Congrats on the Bronze fugit.
Bronzeness congrats Fugit I'll have a Guiness tonight

Funny Locked and loaded.

Locked and loaded.

Funny Lock her up

Lock her up
Member reactions:
Lol as Detective House "Locks 'Em Up" Excellent selfie H.H..

Funny Lock Ness Monster Spotted

Lock Ness Monster Spotted
Member reactions:

Funny Gorilla Locks Away Pirates

Gorilla Locks Away Pirates
in an apes hand.
Member reactions:
Great thought.... Guerrilla has the key now good chop and nice change of source pic

Funny Miley Cyrus Puts a Lock on her Tongue

Miley Cyrus Puts a Lock on her Tongue
Member reactions:
Good work in putting the hole in the tongue
I can't stop thinking how PAINFUL that looks, even though I've seen some monsters almost as big in real life...
Hahaha, that's surely one resolution that won't be easy to keep for her.
Home run hahaha, and you know these people we lambast are rich enough to have us greased in a nano second. Congrats on the Silver cup

Funny Paradise Locked Behind the Keyhole

Paradise Locked Behind the Keyhole
Where is the key to Happiness.
Member reactions:
Nice out of bound job good coming of water force out of it

Funny Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness

Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness
Member reactions:
This is a great perspective and good elements, except I wish the camera was an old one and the entire piece was in black and white. Good work on the elephant and matching it in the viewfinder.
Thanks for your tips ,i just change the camera to an older camera but i think the image much better in color version than black and white..
I liked the mood to this, very realistic.

Funny Locking Up Politicians For the Good of Mankind

Locking Up Politicians For the Good of Mankind
Member reactions:
Political satire at its best. Gotta love it.
I wanted to put Carter, out of the corner at a 45 degree angle with a big ol grin on his face, but I couldn't find the right pic.

Funny John Lock Painting

John Lock Painting
Member reactions:
Good job, but I would consider choosing the face source without strong light and shadows - to match the original
I hummed and fretted over the nose shadow for ages. would the it be in an original painting etc. I chickened out and left it in the end .

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