Singing Lobster
Singing Lobster
Singing Lobster. Member reactions:
Great chop.. well put together.. works well

Funny Russian Navy Lobster

Russian Navy Lobster
Member reactions:
The perfect fish eyed fool. Gonna need a tic tac

Funny Scorpion Lobster

Scorpion Lobster

Funny Michelle Obama's Lobster Claw Hand

Michelle Obama's Lobster Claw Hand
Member reactions:
I would have liked to see her Bling-finger accentuated. Clean work-good luck.
Well done with the hand, its looks pretty bigger then the other smaller one, Obama needs a bigger hand to win this election

Funny Paper Lobster

Paper Lobster
Member reactions:
A very creative work. Congratulations on your silver.
Creative idea and well executed congrats Mehedlover.
Congratulations on your first trophy, Mehedlover.

Funny 140 Year Old Lobster

140 Year Old Lobster
George the 140 year old giant lobster liberated from restaurant George the 140 year old, 20 pound lobster released back into the wild... he should have been placed into a nursing home.
Member reactions:
Freaky good job. Especially the part where antennas are coming out of his mouth

Funny Mutant Lobster Man

Mutant Lobster Man
Member reactions:
well i cant be sure ,,but a women would never have unpolished toes..
Very impressive creature and absolutely clean stitching work. Meert & Pree.
I thought he was throwing down the bird. Two More for the Trophy Case. Congratulations. AZ.
Thanks All Blame the bad dna on the Nephilim.
Congratulations Rainman you are the master and that's my refection in the mirror
Congrats AZ. This is totally bizarre and amazing. Great imagination.
Love the skin textures and hair details, another great one
Very much a miscalculation. What nice looking hands you have.

Funny Michael Jackson the Albino Lobster Boy

Michael Jackson the Albino Lobster Boy
This is my first entry. I'm not great yet,..but hopefully I will get there.
Member reactions:
We all start somewhere, you picked a gr8 subject Welcome.
Isn't it funny how when the catagory is "Freakshow" the first thing that comes to mind is Michael Jackson. Ha ha. Good caption would be; "Free admission to anyone under 11 years old"
You get a point for using lobster boy. I did a paper on the real lobster boy, Grady Stiles Jr., in college. Welcome to Freaking News. We are a strange crowd but we are good people. When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.
Pretty cool for the first entry. Like the concept. His hands look a bit blurry on the edges. Otherwise decent job. Big welcome to Freaking News.

Funny Man Driving a Lobster

Man Driving a Lobster
The ATV Lobster ( Viewing Full might Help)
Member reactions:
nice touch on the tail, the only thing is the wheels are out of perspective.
Nice for doing underwater work with the pinchers

Funny Lobsters Made of Rock

Lobsters Made of Rock
Member reactions:
I'd hate to get bit by that rock lobster. Nice job.
I love this. .. and feel terribly old because i know the song. Rock Lobster. indeed
like it, but i think it needs more add of highlights and contrast.

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