Llama. Llama

Funny Zappos CEO Lives In A Trailer With His Llama

Zappos CEO Lives In A Trailer With His Llama
Multi millionaire, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos shoes, lives in a trailer with his pet Llama
Member reactions:
Excellent. the blister.

Funny Llama with Two Legs

Llama with Two Legs
Member reactions:
...headless birds. Nice job with the hair and rebuilding the scene.
Sweet Llama, and I see what you did to the pigeons too
I guess the pigeons didn't need any changing Great job Pree

Funny Llama Without a Neck

Llama Without a Neck

Funny Taylor Lautner the Llama in Twilight

Taylor Lautner the Llama in Twilight
Member reactions:
the llama.

Funny Llama Horse Hybrid

Llama Horse Hybrid

Funny Baby Llama

Baby Llama
Member reactions:
the toy.

Funny Riding a Llama

Riding a Llama
Member reactions:
Looks totally real great clean chop and blend

Funny Llama Made From Phone Cords and Parts

Llama Made From Phone Cords and Parts
Made from phone cords and other phone parts Inspiration photo: Link. Source.
Member reactions:
Great start but you used pics with low rez I think . any way it's would be great at last I am sure of that
Yeah, there are some problems that need sorting. Thanks for comment. Added an edit but still not done.
Love the edited Llama but I would stick to the old composition in the image (with edited Llama).
Also some shadows are needed from the llama
Thanks Newsie. Will go back to it. Thanks for input. Yes, shadows -
That's great stuff. I like how you did all that with so few parts.
Can I get one of these with touch tone dialing. Very creative, good luck in the contest.
Nice Job Doxieone Just Guessing
Great edit Doxie. and congrats on the silver.
Bravo Doxi. Excelente trabajo, y no queda mas que felicitarle por la plata. Y me equivoque confundiendo su trabajo con otra entrada. Felicidades nuevamente.
BRAVISSIMA DOXIE.. Congrats on silver, awesome chop..
............................. What a titan chop.. Very well done, Doxi.
Congrats Doxie, most excellent creation Reminds of the song Shama Lama Ding Dong from the Animal House soundtrack or perhaps it's the Dial E. Llama...
Another Doxieone 'original' that is, always,enjoyable to view. Congratulations.
You guys are so nice... I see about 4 things I would change in this... Thanks for all the comments. Luv ya all.
Interesting colors and the best use of a curly phone cord I have seen. Congrats Doxie.
Congrats Doxie. It's beautiful and unique.
BRAVO Doxie.I like your technique and colors...Please,more like this one.
very cool congrats on the pick of the day

Funny A Dali Llama

A Dali Llama
Member reactions:
That moustache rocks. Salvador Dali llama. HAHAHA

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