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Funny Lizard Pictures

Member reactions:

Like the title The Lizard King.... good work on this poster
Another great one. Might be time for another psychedelic contest.
Thaaaaaank all guys, too goods whit me always

LizardFunny Lizard
Member reactions:

Thanks to Freaking New Breed invention can be seen..
luciano really good work,,,I can't help but wonder how he catches food.

American Bald LizardFunny American Bald Lizard
Member reactions:

Great job in mixing bird and reptile breeds good work and nice color mix with a Egg about to hatch
Perfect blend. Love the vivid colors here. Congrats on the bronze, Luna.
Awesome, one of my favorite. Bronze congrats Luna.
Schweet. Congratulations LunaC, I really admire your work. ; )

Look, two lizards !Funny Look, two lizards !
Member reactions:

Nice change of background the little girl looks scared of the crocs

LizardFunny Lizard
Member reactions:

Like the Afterlife of Lizard very well done nice photo-chopping good chop
Just waiting to spring into your lives and lick your bank account dry. Strange is good.

Giant LizardsFunny Giant Lizards
Member reactions:

Well merged the giant lizards under the bridge

Licking a LizardFunny Licking a Lizard
Member reactions:

SPOILER:  ~The Frog Licker's Taste Test~ 
Thanks. , RICKYTREK., diamonds, and bobrafto. I do so enjoy your comments. Yes and No Bob. At first it took a bit of coaxing to get him on the same page. But now judging by the expression upon his face, I do believe he enjoys having fallen prey to his lovely Huntress.
This is really a great lick lovely colorful frog licking the colorful tongue

The Lizard of OzFunny The Lizard of Oz
Member reactions:

Whatever you do, DON'T follow the yellow brick road.

Lizard GrasshopperFunny Lizard Grasshopper
Member reactions:

I've seen a lot of these merges of two animals or bugs or whatever but this one is very well done, the colors are perfect and it looks believable.
FReaak job, fantastic and amazing.

Camouflaged Giant Lizard on the RiverFunny Camouflaged Giant Lizard on the River
Member reactions:

Thank you ver ymuch, Kellie, I'm so happy with your compliment
Great realistic work, wood congrats.

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