Lizard Lips
Lizard Lips
Lizard Lips. She's one HOT lizard.
Member reactions:
Lizards like big, low-hanging chandeliers. Everybody knows that.
She is bright and ... y. Excellent masterpiece.
Excellent . Grand-mother is a great touch too.
Tons of work in this one - bloody brilliant. I agree the grandma portrait is a super touch.
Thanks everyone. I had fun with this one.
Congratulations on the Gold Winner, LunaC. Awesome Chop.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Just AWESOME.
Congratulations LunaC. Yes..looks like a blast of fun...even in the construction phase. Looks Great.

Funny A Lizards Point of View of the World

A Lizards Point of View of the World
Member reactions:
Good idea. Your world gloves could look a bit more real and this picture would be more effective.
Awesome concept, smiling face of it is cool
So cool

Funny Jim Morrison the Lizard King

Jim Morrison the Lizard King
Member reactions:
Like the title The Lizard King.... good work on this poster
Another great one. Might be time for another psychedelic contest.

Funny Turkey Lizard Hybrid

Turkey Lizard Hybrid
Member reactions:
Thanks to Freaking New Breed invention can be seen..
luciano really good work,,,I can't help but wonder how he catches food.

Funny Lizard with Two Legs

Lizard with Two Legs

Funny Camouflaged Lizard in the Army

Camouflaged Lizard in the Army
Member reactions:
Very nicely done... Chameleon has the capability to change its color and you have shown in this chop good natural look....
The snail on the tail of the true chameleon
What a freaky concept, snail got confused

Funny Lizard on a Machine Gun

Lizard on a Machine Gun
Member reactions:
First you have to deal with Chameleon then the enemy nice camouflage

Funny Camouflaged Gecko Lizard on a Wall

Camouflaged Gecko Lizard on a Wall
bladdy bladdy blah
Member reactions:
Good mix of Camouflage... between the creatures well done
I did see this one early on and it inspired me to use brick in my composition so I share a part of the 2 spot with you, moya. Thanks Really great chop. Pointer: Watch your shadows. They have to agree when a single light source is implied. Cheers

Funny Sick Man and a Lizard Riding a Ferris Wheel

Sick Man and a Lizard Riding a Ferris Wheel
Man rides Ferris Wheel long enough for a new World Record
Member reactions:
This is truly a daring feat to achieve it and DMan done in this chop is really funny with companions of a Pigeon and a Chameleon good job done
Thanks, eric. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, gugulanul. Thanks, G-Man.
Wood for Paulie too. Part of the winnings go to D-man of course Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy...yes, but he'll have to come to California and get it.

Funny Bird Lizard

Bird Lizard
Member reactions:
Nice crested beaked gecko,nice blend.He is a cute little fella
Clean job... no scars and marks visible in this merge... good work on merging the bird peak and reptile face well done

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