Marty Feldman the Lizard
Marty Feldman the Lizard
Marty Feldman the Lizard.

Funny Two Headed Dragon Lizard

Two Headed Dragon Lizard

Funny Lizard Man and his Big Brother

Lizard Man and his Big Brother
Member reactions:
did you use the sharpen filter. it looks a bit too "sharp"
Cool, reminds me of some old Japanese monster movies
Creature from the black spitoon. Nicely done....

Funny Turkey Lizard Taking in the Sun

Turkey Lizard Taking in the Sun

Funny Lizard with Eyes in His Nose

Lizard with Eyes in His Nose

Funny Lizard Putting on Lipstick

Lizard Putting on Lipstick
She's one HOT lizard.
Member reactions:
Lizards like big, low-hanging chandeliers. Everybody knows that.
She is bright and ... y. Excellent masterpiece.
Excellent . Grand-mother is a great touch too.
Tons of work in this one - bloody brilliant. I agree the grandma portrait is a super touch.
Thanks everyone. I had fun with this one.
Congratulations on the Gold Winner, LunaC. Awesome Chop.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Just AWESOME.
Congratulations LunaC. Yes..looks like a blast of fun...even in the construction phase. Looks Great.

Funny Lizard Calling Jungle Dentistry

Lizard Calling Jungle Dentistry
Eating too many insects will rot your teeth. Everybody knows that.
Member reactions:
... Rango is very expressive with that call
Hilarity factor: HIGH. Brilliant execution too. Love the tooth button on the phone
Silver Congrats, LunaC.. Great work on that funky, meth mouth chameleon

Funny Escher Holding a Lizard

Escher Holding a Lizard
Please View Original Escher
Member reactions:
Conceptually great idea but Escher's masterpiece in background should be more visible
Love this Escher art come to life concept
Thanks.. I'll take it. Luciano, if I'd had time or energy, I might have erased parts of the finished drawing, to show that he was still working on it. But logic is my enemy and it seemed to me the desk would be set up exactly as it's drawn, so I stuck with "after it's all over, time to free the inspiring creature" idea instead.
Sweet... Congrats Icy, you captured the whole glow of Escher without repetitiveness
Thanks, Hits. And thanks its420 and AJS.

Funny Lizard Grasshopper

Lizard Grasshopper

Funny Hybrid Lizard Grasshopper

Hybrid Lizard Grasshopper
Member reactions:
that face expression.
I can see smile face its a little tweak there

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