Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet
Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet
Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet.

Funny A Little Piece Of My Heart

A Little Piece Of My Heart

Funny Abigail Breslin AKA Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin AKA Little Miss Sunshine
Member reactions:
Thanks John. It was a crap shoot to pick Abigail but hey, it worked out.
I need the money, what can I say Thanks for the comments and votes, guys.
Your blending is admirable, one of a kind

Funny A Little Moore

A Little Moore
Member reactions:
Yes, I morph the car, thought it would be cute for him.

Funny The little corporal

The little corporal
Member reactions:
One of the best in the show. Looks real. Congrats on the wood, Denlig.

Funny Little Theresa Thatcher

Little Theresa Thatcher
Member reactions:
Grats on the cup mrassad, reminds me of a manga contest from Worth.
I like clean , uncomplicated chops like this. I tip my hat to you sir. Congrats on the cup
Thank you Gummy,MsgtBob,deaddog,Wanderer,Hitspinner...

Funny My Little Angel

My Little Angel
Pic of my sweet little girl, who passed on Monday, she was 20 yrs old.
Member reactions:
I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet baby,touching tribute
Sorry to hear of your loss. Our 4 footed ones are as much a part of the family as the 2 footed ones
Thank You andwhat, she had cancer and fluid built up in her lungs, she held on longer then they gave, but her breathing got bad and we had to make a choice to let her go.
Really sorry for your loss.
Thank you Gummy, she was very much so a family member, she was my baby. Thanks jeremix.
This is a very nice memorial for your loved one. I'm sure she loves it.
Thank you SplatShot, I'm sure she does too, thanks CraftyOne.
Sorry to hear about that. Pets really are part of a family, it's very hard when they go
Arrrrhhhhhh. Death of the innocent, what a lousy idea. You can at least Cherish the memories. I am so very sorry hidden. Wonderfully touching poem and tribute. Hugs
Thank you, Hitspinner, NewsMaster and Nanny, she sure is missed, very much so.

Funny Little cow

Little cow

Funny Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth

Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth
Member reactions:
Top 5 mate. I see you are honing your caricature skills.

Funny Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood

Funny Little Heads

Little Heads
Recent studied show that that human jaws, eyes, noses, and skullbones are about 30% smaller than our ancestors had. Head size is gradually shrinking too. The main reason for such change is soft farmed food that does not require such strong jawbones, teeth, skulls and muscles as our ancestors had. Take any celebrity and shrink his/her head similar to how it's done in the themepost. Think of today's contest as the opposite of the recent "big heads" trend on FN :) Many thanks to TheScarletBaltan for the contest idea and to Franko for the themepost.

Funny Little Girl

Little Girl
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the little girl (image credit: Ed Yourdon) any way you wish. Some examples are - dress up this little girl, make her perform some stunts, design a poster with this little girl image, using this little girl in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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