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Funny Little Pictures

Little Yellow CirdFunny Little Yellow Cird
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Little MermaidFunny Little Mermaid
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This famous statue was fun to do. The rocks took a while to do and I used a lot of layers for the clouds. I would have done it for the Hans Christian Anderson contest if I knew it were coming but then, I didn't feel like putting a politician on her face. Maybe a movie star would have been okay but I did the statue so small, I don't know if the face of a movie star would be recognizable on it. digital art

Little Girl Should Be More FeminineFunny Little Girl Should Be More Feminine
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A school says a little girl should be more feminine
Ellen is a perfect fit for a masculine girl here.
Funky avatar created... Helen looks awesome with beard and as a little girl suites her crazy news
Cannot be more feminine being Berdulano's daughter . ha, ha, ha.
Silver congrats, recognized your style too
Congrads on the Twofer, great work always.

Street Art with a little helpFunny Street Art with a little help
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Street Art with a little help
Very nice work. Her right knee is a dangerous position.

Little karmaFunny Little karma
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Excellent work, but the sand seems to be taken from a macro shot, thus the big sand pieces and blurriness in the right part which deviates from the sharp kid source

Little manFunny Little man
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Little Thug's 1st StrikeFunny Little Thug's 1st Strike
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I think he looks better with shaved hair Awesome work.
Nice looking chop great facial expression and colors are great too.
He's trying so hard to be cool. And he's just NOT. It's so much fun to lampoon the little dickhead.
He's trying so hard to be cool. And he's just NOT. It's so much fun to lampoon the little dickhead.
Congrats on the Bronze Hitspinah, nice choppin' he's a child of the times bustin' all over his rhymes

With a little help from my FriendsFunny With a little help from my Friends
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Just a guess but I'd bet all these people are welcome in New York.
I didn't her or her husband had any friends.
Frankenstein's monster looks a little smitten with Michelle
The Michelle O'Bama is freaking wild and scary.
great. Nice stretched faces, big eyes looks great.
Like Obama and Michelle the most scary fellows.
What was in the water at Michelle's 50th b'day party.

Little Shop Of HorrorsFunny Little Shop Of Horrors
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Oh man, killer flower is so freaky, especially for Ladies

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Short people sometimes do have an advantage
Reminded me of this song. Randy Newman (1977) Short People
I thought so too. But any girls would have served. I just picked the painted girls as a colorful extra for the viewer. The subject and gag of the chop is of course the little creep and what he is doing. I might have been a bit too subtle. Thanks for the comment Luciano, SS
Ah, and thanks Balodiya, you must have commented a second before I commented back to Luciano
Beauty of the color and art, best way to put together. Lovely chop
Fantastic composition of color Hits. You have a great eye. I tried to find your source images...needless to say I got side tracked and was lost for hours... I think your right..the little guy was overwhelmed in all the other brilliant colors.
Bah, a waste of time. I should have spelled it out a bit more clearly. But thanks guys

Little GirlFunny Little Girl - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the little girl (image credit: Ed Yourdon) any way you wish. Some examples are - dress up this little girl, make her perform some stunts, design a poster with this little girl image, using this little girl in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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