Fidel Castro Literally In Action
Fidel Castro Literally In Action
Fidel Castro Literally In Action. Member reactions:
Pike said it. and it seems Fidel means business this time. what's(who's) the cyclops creature on the right.
Thanks Rwpike & Newsmaster..look NM: Fidel hates USA is represented with the cyclop, his "enemy"
HeHe love the stogie gun. Dynamic chop.
Congrats DMC, reminds me of a video game art
haha...thanks you all..Rainman,some day iŽll win you a gold medal haha..thank you
Congrats on the bronze DMC, Very nice work.

Funny Light beer...Literally!

Light beer...Literally!
I need a few after this chop. Revised again, thanks News. please view full
Member reactions:
I have a little cleaning up around the edges. I'm also planning on adding a cap and some foam.
Thanks mwcdo. Cheers to you also. This is one of my favorites I've done to date. I hope everyone likes it. -KB
The concept deserves a merit. Shadows from the fingers may be shorter and darker. Miller Lite logo may be bended somewhat to follow the shape of the bulb.

Funny Lily Tomlin - Literally

Lily Tomlin - Literally
Member reactions:
Clean chop, super nice to see you back, Slick. How was your trip to Japan. It was Japan, wasn't it.
I felt so left out watching the last 10 contests wizzzz by. Can't chop too much now, gotta get caught up first. I'll b back hard next week.........good to be back.
Huge welcome Slick. I followed your twitter and blog posts while you were gone. Looked like a fun trip tho.

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