Mona Lisa for the Holidays
Mona Lisa for the Holidays
Mona Lisa for the Holidays .

Funny Monster Lisa

Monster Lisa
Member reactions:
I see so much work that went into this, from the background work to the color match and overlay that bring the whole work together. Phenomenal job, Mr Assad.

Funny Cone A Lisa

Cone A Lisa
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Another authentic work of incredible talent. Fantastic as always, Hitspinner.
Yeah but would you date her hahahahahahahaah Thanks all

Funny Mona Lisa's Earth

Mona Lisa's Earth
Member reactions:
My computer had spent some time in the shop because it's power brick had malfunctioned and I had no way to access Freaking News. I'm baaaack.
Ahhhh, that must be where hippy "Mona Moon" child went Mona was a pretty big acid head back in the 60s
Welcome back to the dance, one of your best 2 steps, if you country dance.

Funny Mona Lisa So Stylish

Mona Lisa So Stylish

Funny Mona Lisa Likes Red

Mona Lisa Likes Red
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Deserved so much more, there is a problem when there is too few voters...

Funny Mona Lisa Likes Red

Mona Lisa Likes Red

Funny Modern Lisa

Modern Lisa

Funny Jared Lisa

Jared Lisa

Funny Mona Lisa Sports Glasses

Mona Lisa Sports Glasses
Mona Lisa wears a pair of fetching glasses.
Member reactions:
There are shadows, but getting the size small enough to be accepted by the website eliminated those shadows.

Funny Hidden Mona Lisa

Hidden Mona Lisa
Art news this Tuesday - Da Vinci's most famous Mona Lisa seems to have another portrait hidden underneath. French scientist Pascal Cotte, who spent nearly 10 years analyzing the painting with a revolutionary light and X-ray technology, says that Leonardo simply painted the Mona Lisa we know over the earlier portrait that is hidden underneath. Show the hidden painting beneath the Mona Lisa we know.

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