Lipstick on a Pence
Lipstick on a Pence
Lipstick on a Pence. Member reactions:
This is so darn cute, thought it would win.

Funny Retro Lipstick Advert

Retro Lipstick Advert
Member reactions:
thansk newmaster .. i dont get why the 2 but oh well.. maybe im not understanding the voting system but i dont think that 2 should have been i think people vote unfair.. oh well..
I'm always up for transparency on this ill be honest with you mate. I think i gave you a two. Ill talk you through my thought process... 1. didnt get the main idea 2. not sure what was photoshopped 3. Didnt seem to fit with the contest guidelines 4. with an image such as this, source material linking is always a help 5. Lip stick or dress, wasnt too sure. Sorry for the two. It wasn't personal by any means mate
ok cool thanks i was using another idea bu5 in my own way ill see if i can show here or to you directly but thanks for your comment i really appreciate it

Funny Lizard Putting on Lipstick

Lizard Putting on Lipstick
She's one HOT lizard.
Member reactions:
Lizards like big, low-hanging chandeliers. Everybody knows that.
She is bright and ... y. Excellent masterpiece.
Excellent . Grand-mother is a great touch too.
Tons of work in this one - bloody brilliant. I agree the grandma portrait is a super touch.
Thanks everyone. I had fun with this one.
Congratulations on the Gold Winner, LunaC. Awesome Chop.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Just AWESOME.
Congratulations LunaC. Yes..looks like a blast of fun...even in the construction phase. Looks Great.

Funny Human Giraffe with Lipstick

Human Giraffe with Lipstick
Member reactions:
Eye lids and piercing lips are lovely work especially eye matches very well

Funny Female Lipstick Spaceship

Female Lipstick Spaceship
Member reactions:
Thank you Kellie, Ariel9 and ericnorthend
Creative and well done.. Congrats on the wood Demboscki..
You've nailed it nicely. Congrats on the wood, Demboscki.

Funny iStick Apple Lipstick

iStick Apple Lipstick
Wanna b'cum Angel...
Member reactions:
y is the nail polish called ilip instead of the lipstick. also there are no spaces after the "i" in apple products. very clever idea though.
hmmmm ladies to love this to adhore on their glamorous lips

Funny Lipstick Gearbox in Car

Lipstick Gearbox in Car
Member reactions:
It would be kinda messy don't you think. Great Job.

Funny US General Putting on Lipstick

US General Putting on Lipstick
better than the fake.
Member reactions:
the title. We sure do, hahaha.

Funny Lipstick Bird and Lens Head Bird

Lipstick Bird and Lens Head Bird
Member reactions:
great work fuzzy ... you are smart designer congrats on the bronze and keep up top chops

Funny Shy Frog with Lipstick

Shy Frog with Lipstick
Member reactions:
really well done. the wink, eyelids and lips all look great.
Stage two of the Friday night transformation - frogs to princesses

Funny Lipstick

Photoshop this lipstick (click to download) any way you wish. Examples may include adding elements to the lipstick, merging this lipstick with some objects or animals, place it into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Lipstick

Here's the shocking news for today. L'Oreal lipstick was found to contain the dangerous levels of lead - the highest level in the US lipstick market. The research was done by an independent research group that studied levels of toxins contained in different lipstick brands sold in the United States. The study showed that 61 percent of sold lipstick contains detectable levels of lead, with L'Oreal being the prime offender. Lead is a metal that is toxic to human body and causes a damage to the brain, blood vessels, and may lead to infertility. The above report suggests that L'Oreal lipstick creates looks that literally could kill - it is a dangerous weapon - when it comes to looks and health. Photoshop lipstick any way you wish. Make other things shaped as lipstick. Make unusual things appear from a lipstick tube (snail, cigar, etc.). Merge lipstick with other objects - weapons, etc. These are just some ideas.

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