Champagne Lipstick
Champagne Lipstick
Champagne Lipstick. hope you like it, please criticize my entry....
Member reactions:
Nice idea, I think would score more if it would show more from the bottle opener.
ke onda skorpion he visto tus trabajos que buenos son mis felicitaciones man, de hecho un compa me enseņo tus trabajos y solo por que mencionaste freakingnews me meti a ver ke chow y heme aqui salu2
felicitaciones.. Ya te vas acercando.. 2ndo lugar en tu 2nda entry.. nada mal.. Congratulations, man.
gracias gracias tambien mi buen amigo becker se llevo el 3ero en su primer participacion.
Job well done, congratulations on the silver, Skelo.

Funny Flowers in Lipstick

Flowers in Lipstick
Member reactions:
Good composition but something strange with shadows/lights.Flowers seem to produce a distance shadow on the left and a short on the right. By the way they ar not in light.

Funny Dangerous Lipstick

Dangerous Lipstick
Not exactly a make-up tool..
Member reactions:
Skeleton should have at least one more vertebra. It looks flying over, not coming out

Funny Snake in a Lipstick Tube

Snake in a Lipstick Tube
Can anyone point me towards a tutorial for colouring the snakes skin red.
Member reactions:
To answer your question; You can make a new layer and change the style to multiply. Use a bright red and paint over the snake's skin. That should get you a nice red snake. I also fixed the contrast to match a little better See edit here
that was a very nice thing to do, Keb... Karma points for you.
Super, the angel of the snake could be better, but great concept.
Oh man just the idea of this creeps me out.

Funny Darth Vader Lipstick

Darth Vader Lipstick
L'Oreal, official brand of the Sith.

Funny Cigarette Lipstick

Cigarette Lipstick
Ultra Leaded for ultra exposure.
Member reactions:
Two packs a day could really kill you now. Love it.
Great theme, I would add some shading to the box lid's edge where the lipstick is closest and the floor where the lipstick is closest...other than that it's top notch chop.
A beauty. The concept is genius and it looks so real, I wanna buy a pack

Funny Lipstick Swiss Knife

Lipstick Swiss Knife
Member reactions:
Some sharper source image would make it perfect. Love the concept.

Funny Frog Lipstick

Frog Lipstick
Member reactions:
Smart idea. A shadow from the cap is needed too.
Congrats Skorp...I really liked this one. Would freak me out if I opened up a tube and saw this tho.

Funny Blood Lipstick

Blood Lipstick
I'd really appreciate some critiques please
Member reactions:
Fair concept but I would emphasize on the lipstick by giving it a bigger place in the entry and making lips take larger space too.
Also, layouts like this look much better if don't put everything on the edge. I would move the lipsticks and text in a little.

Funny Deadly Lipstick

Deadly Lipstick
Member reactions:
Yes, i do agree, great imagination there working

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