Barack Obama as Pig with Lipstick Vaccine
Barack Obama as Pig with Lipstick Vaccine
Barack Obama as Pig with Lipstick Vaccine. Member reactions:
I like the reference to Obama's words "You can put lipstick on a pig..."
That was the intention Newsy. I thought it was a funny correlation.

Funny Will Smith with Lipstick

Will Smith with Lipstick

Funny Barack Obama Wearing Blue Lipstick

Barack Obama Wearing Blue Lipstick
Obama: Put Lipstick on a Pig, It's Still a Pig

Funny Michelle Obama Putting on Lipstick in the Oval Office

Michelle Obama Putting on Lipstick in the Oval Office
Obama's lipstick speech If this gets pulled, I understand. But when he said "you can put lipstick on a pig..." my sense of humor kicked in.
Member reactions:
I'm glad this wasn't pulled, as NM said Gr8 satire, but also good chopping with it...thx for the mega giggles
Call me a prude, but the humor looks like a head shaker to me. Technical points: Cut the saturation some on Michelle and the lipstick tube. Maybe add some to the Monica pic. Shadows of the added objects seem to be off too.
raygregory, thanks. I edited it a bit. She was a bit strong, lipstick too. Okay, I didn't say it was the funniest thing out there.
Nothing personal. It's just over my line. She is his wife, not his intern. Re the technical suggestions, it generally works to match the saturation, noise, contrast, etc. to the other stuff in the picture.
Congrats on your bronze pegleg. Big laughs on this one.
Sorry but the only Pig here would be you. I hope Obama Wins and YOUR WORST FEARS COME TRUE.

Funny Barrack Obama Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Barrack Obama Putting Lipstick on a Pig
Lipstick on a pig
Member reactions:
Nice work. Great at full view. I can just hear Barack murmuring "Piggy, Piggy, Piggy. Daddy loves his snookum Piggy".
Mint work. Pig seems to enjoy the process a lot, .

Funny Pitbull or Hockey Mom Wearing Lipstick

Pitbull or Hockey Mom Wearing Lipstick
Palin Speech
Member reactions:
I think its the pitbull/hockey mom with lipstick speech.

Funny James Bond Wearing Lipstick

James Bond Wearing Lipstick
Member reactions:
superb job.
...funny idea...though the lipstick is a little bit big...
Lipstick do come in big sizes as well as small ones.
Lipstick shaken, not stirred. Congratulations on the bronze, Rain.
Thanks all It's cyanide lipstick, he's going to give Bush the kiss of death.

Funny Ammo Lipstick

Ammo  Lipstick

Funny Cigarette Lipstick

Cigarette Lipstick
Member reactions:
Nice work, but the message is a little ambiguous.
This was chopped for a contest fueled by the news about the discovery of lead in certain lipsticks. It wasn't so ambiguous in the context of the original contest.

Funny Lipstick Swiss Army Knife

Lipstick Swiss Army Knife
Las mujeres son tan capaces... que pueden hacer de un lipstick, un herramienta mortal...
Member reactions:
Muy bien hecho esta el imagen..tu comentario lo dices como si hubieras tenido una mala aventura con tal mujer...bueno por suerto you no eh tenido tal experencia, toco madera.
.I would add some shadow for knives etc. not only reflection
nice color work, but cap reflection have to be more close to the cap... en buen espaņol, alivio por permitirme decirtelo en nuestro idioma ; muy buen trabajo de colorizacion pero creo que el reflejo de la tapa tiene que estar justo debajo de la tapa y no tan lejos. Adicional a modo de consejo... no creo que muchos usuarios de este site entiendan tu comentario en espaņol, trata de hacerlos e ingles o de usar algun tipo de traductor de texto como el de Google. Luego hablamos cuando vea tu identidad ja ja ja ja....
felicitaciones por el 3er lugar... como dijo Skorpion, el reflejo esta algo corrido... pero muy buena idea.. Congratulations to the top 3 latinos on this contest. hehehe....

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