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Funny Lips Pictures

Member reactions:
Artist trashes Jagger in media SOURCE
Good Caricature and nice makeover of his lips and tongue very creative
congrats on the wood. great job my friend

Read my lips, no new taxesFunny Read my lips, no new taxes
Member reactions:

Abraham, Lincoln, formerly known as Honest Abe, grows even more beautiful beard this time ........
Ha ha ha this is Out of the box, atta boy speak up , its a mind cracker chop hidden Love it

Mona Loser Lips and NoseFunny Mona Loser Lips and Nose
Member reactions:

Creepy, I may hang this on my refrigerator for Halloween. Excellent Job.
Looks Horrifying but good work on the skin touches over her nose and the teeth and the bloody spilling as well.....

Member reactions:


Sir Mick Jagger with Horse LipsFunny Sir Mick Jagger with Horse Lips
Member reactions:

Candy LipsFunny Candy Lips
Member reactions:

Ah, I love the taste of Candy (sweets aren't bad either).
Seen this source around a lot, what u'v done with it is really good.
Thank you. I know it (colored lips) has been done before. But I was working on texture (solid line colors to the "candy swirl" look) and was actually pleased. I haven't seen one look like candy before. Hopefully, that part at least, is new. I was lucky with a good source photo.

Barack Obama Playing Basketball with a Fat LipFunny Barack Obama Playing Basketball with a Fat Lip
Member reactions:

Basketball Happens News Source
This was a lip year for Obama. Great work, love how you did the uniform with the seal.
Maybe we could get lucky and he'll slip on his lips. Great job Hitspinner, Congrats.
Another good one on a roll, Congrads Spinner
I dunno sorta looks like his hadda vasectomy on his face Congrats Hits.
. Great job Hits, I can feel his pain
Thanks folks, he finally got some lip service rather than giving it to us hehehehehe. I hear he got from 12 to 18 stitches. Must have been a helluva elbow to an open mouth. Ouch, I feel for him, been there and done that one a few times. Worse one was splitting my tongue, though. I did that with a staple gun while tacking felt to a pool table. I used to have a bad habit of gently biting my tongue when I strained... and slipped. Made a horrendous mess. Real embarassing part was I sounded like a flaming Queen with a lisp for a few days. That took 16 stitches as I recall
C-O-N-G-R-A-T-Sssss.... You're the GREATEST...
Fantastic work Hitman .. congrats on the silver .. and keep going master
Damn, that hurt. Basketball is a dangerous sport . Congrats on the silver
Haha...poor Obama......Excellent caricature work on it...Congrats hitspinner on the silver.

Obama Gets a Fat Lip From MichelleFunny Obama Gets a Fat Lip From Michelle
Member reactions:

Obama Needs Stitches After Being Hurt
Cracked me up. Maybe this is what really happened.
Totally hilarious. Love how you made Michelle bigger and tougher. The blood marks on her fist give us some clues
Hahahaha pcrdds.. You may be right. They sure are keeping quiet over who's elbow actually did the deed. But what bragging rights to have, I gave the President of the United States a fat lip hahahahahaha Great chop Chip and since we picked the same topic, great minds think alike Hehe

Lady Fish with LipsFunny Lady Fish with Lips
Member reactions:

In seeing it again, now I luv the lips AND the eyes. Great set of lashes.

Painting with Big LipsFunny Painting with Big Lips
Member reactions:

source details get lost in the small version, so.....
I just took the photo and started painting it in, but i'm affraid she is hard to recognize. I still like the picture though, so i'm curious what your vote will be.
Very artistic work, although I have to admit I would probably not recognize Angelina without a hint.

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