Put Your Lips Together and Blow
Put Your Lips Together and Blow
Put Your Lips Together and Blow. Member reactions:
Everyone knows the whistle blower is Eric Ciaramella
Silver whistle blowing congrats, Icy. Great Job.
Clever Work, Icy. Congrats on the Silver.

Funny LIPS

Member reactions:
The upper lips on her eye-mouths look very natural, nicely done.
thank you for your comments ReggieRey and Bellita

Funny Come A Little Closer To My Lips.

Come A Little Closer To My Lips.

Funny Woman with Unicorn with Botoxed Lips

Woman with Unicorn with Botoxed Lips
Member reactions:
Big lips... Hilarious and nice work on her eyebrows good one
Super, who is the lucky guy she is gonna kiss

Funny Michelle Obama and the Green Lip Scandal

Michelle Obama and the Green Lip Scandal
Member reactions:
I changed the left hand, it looked like she was doing a favor for him.
And what is he doing with his right hand.
IMO the picture was fine before the edit.
SplatShot, it looked like Obama was enjoying it to much.
Truth be known they both did each other a favor
No Doubt, Hobbit. But it only typified what's been going on in Washington for the past 6 years, 9 days, and 45 minuets.
Kewl Chopp'n. If it bothered you then the edit was the right call. I'm just saying it didn't offend me in anyway.
Oh no, it wasn't your comment, I really didn't like the other way I had it. Thanks SlapShot.

Funny Apple iPhone Lip Identifier App

Apple iPhone Lip Identifier App
Member reactions:
I like 3, 4 and 7 options to try with This is IKiss
Could also be called iKiss - excellent. Congrats on the silver, GRM.

Funny Katy Perry Lips

Katy Perry Lips
Member reactions:
Intelligent work, no need to chop for eye at the down levels, Hierarchical view
Excellent task done ... very well placement of mouth in the place of eyes .... this multiple face going upwards and the hair color is too freaky like this choP
Congrats Preemie...love the colors
What.. thanks This work gots me soo dizzy.. ty everybody
I quess i forgot to press the submit button, cause my previous comment is nowhere to be found. I said something intellegent like "awesome" or "good job" Anyhows, congrats Pree. Love the colors on this one.
ty jeremix
ty jeremix

Funny Sir Mick Jagger with Horse Lips

Sir Mick Jagger with Horse Lips
Member reactions:
Good work
Good work

Funny Candy Lips

Candy Lips
Ah, I love the taste of Candy (sweets aren't bad either).
Member reactions:
Seen this source around a lot, what u'v done with it is really good.
Thank you. I know it (colored lips) has been done before. But I was working on texture (solid line colors to the "candy swirl" look) and was actually pleased. I haven't seen one look like candy before. Hopefully, that part at least, is new. I was lucky with a good source photo.

Funny Barack Obama Playing Basketball with a Fat Lip

Barack Obama Playing Basketball with a Fat Lip
Basketball Happens News Source
Member reactions:
This was a lip year for Obama. Great work, love how you did the uniform with the seal.
Maybe we could get lucky and he'll slip on his lips. Great job Hitspinner, Congrats.
Another good one on a roll, Congrads Spinner
I dunno sorta looks like his hadda vasectomy on his face Congrats Hits.
Thanks folks, he finally got some lip service rather than giving it to us hehehehehe. I hear he got from 12 to 18 stitches. Must have been a helluva elbow to an open mouth. Ouch, I feel for him, been there and done that one a few times. Worse one was splitting my tongue, though. I did that with a staple gun while tacking felt to a pool table. I used to have a bad habit of gently biting my tongue when I strained... and slipped. Made a horrendous mess. Real embarassing part was I sounded like a flaming Queen with a lisp for a few days. That took 16 stitches as I recall
Fantastic work Hitman .. congrats on the silver .. and keep going master
Damn, that hurt. Basketball is a dangerous sport . Congrats on the silver
Haha...poor Obama......Excellent caricature work on it...Congrats hitspinner on the silver.

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