Linda Hunt as Mick Jagger
Linda Hunt as Mick Jagger
Linda Hunt as Mick Jagger.

Funny Obama Admits To Childhood Crush on Linda Ronstadt

Obama Admits To Childhood Crush on Linda Ronstadt
Obama admits to having a childhood crush on singer, Linda Ronstadt
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop.... great caricature Obama with his freaky hairstyle and his childhood secrets revealed
Nice childhood life of him Nice Collection of the different images..
I wonder what did he do after his presidential selection... May be some secret pics would be revealed afterward , what do you say hidden do you got some
Great show of Linda's past memorable photos. She was quite pretty back in the days. Hope Michelle isn't jealous
And the silver.

Funny Audrey Hepburn as Linda Lovelace

Audrey Hepburn as Linda Lovelace

Funny Linda Hunt the Sloth

Linda Hunt the Sloth

Funny Gargoyle with Linda Blair

Gargoyle with Linda Blair
Member reactions:
Here is another one where I'm at a loss on voting. This deserved much higher marks in my opinion...but, then, that's just my opinion I guess. But, I think it is great
Well, in a way I am not surprised at all. This chop was an afterthought and a quickie. The source image reminded me of some demonic figurines in the Exorcist film. The truth is, I couldn't wait to finish this creepy chop just so I could stop looking at it. Truth. Yesterday I modified the blue values into the teal/green band and it's even worse. It's just too creepy and I think people reject that. When you think about it, Linda Blair could barely milk anything out of her career after the Exorcist other than small parts and I think that is directly related to when people see her they are reminded of some really terrifying images and a dark place they unconsciously forbid their minds to go. I dunno, but that explanination works for me. Then there is "taste" to consider Anyway BOO. Bwhahhaahahahah Thanks for the comments OOOO ...

Funny Linda Wakiaumi Reporting on the Asian Bird Flu

Linda Wakiaumi Reporting on the Asian Bird Flu
And back to you Chuck.
Member reactions:
I heard this chick's got quite a bit of fur down under...
I really love the concept, but...the zipper looks kind of strange to me. Maybe the tailor should have put in an "invisible" one.
I agree the image is *great*, but the zipper is definitely out of place and weakens the image a bit. Still, one heck of a good entry
What Zipper

Funny Linda Votjove with a Beard

Linda Votjove with a Beard
Member reactions:
She seems not so happy with her hairy chest

Funny Linda Hunt Spock

Linda Hunt Spock
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Wish the image was bigger tho

Funny Linda Cardellini in a Gas Mask

Linda Cardellini in a Gas Mask
Please Tell Me What I Need To Know To Improve...
Member reactions:
Linda Cardellini Seems To Know Something About The Chicken Cacciatore The Rest Of Us Don't...
I would add a light shadow underneath the Gas Mask to give the picture a little depth. Even when there might not need be a shadow in real life, you must use artist license to sell the modification you make. Another option. ...Try to darken the Mask a bit to Match the Jacket below. All Black Level should match eachother in a Composite.
Your shop is pretty good. Personally, more skin works for me.
Good job overall. I See some masking issues - some edges are rough and some are blurry. I suggest you google for some masking tutorials.

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