Lil Wayne's Bank Vault
Lil Wayne's Bank Vault
Lil Wayne's Bank Vault. sources used: 01lilwaynesources.jpg Lil Wayne debuts at number one in US with 'Tha Carter IV'

Funny Lil' Wayne's Adventure

Lil' Wayne's Adventure
Lil'Wayne's Bad Fall
Member reactions:
I'm just a beginner at this, but could I suggest that you look at the shadows. The light is coming from the right of the picture (check the skateboard and the shadow of his hand on his body), so the shadow you have added from his feet seems to me to be in the wrong direction.
OOOOOOO-Sh-T , duuuuuu , I'll get on it & change it sometime today . Thx for pointing that out to me .
Its all fixed , i moved the shadow to the other side , Thx again everyone ....

Funny Lil Wayne Armed to the Teeth

Lil Wayne Armed to the Teeth

Funny Lil' Wayne Caricature

Lil' Wayne Caricature
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Member reactions:
Nice 1 love it love it love it high marks
these are all his original cartoons. Some are too strange to put as tattoos - like what the heck is this Rolls Royce walking ad doing there, .
but if you chopped these tattoos you deserve extra credit because they look so real.
Hahaha, I'm glad you took it Ricky and I hope you get many more. No Newsy, I didn't chop the tats. He actually did that to himself. Thanks guys.
rw you made lilwayne soo ... y congrats..
Settle down Ricky, RW has cast some sour votes just like we all have at least once. We know you won't anymopre because you got caught with your pants down an know we will be watching hahahah Great chop as always RW though I have no idea who this guys is or if he is worthy of your attention and magnificent skills.
You still did a darn good job on him, Pikeman. Congrats on the silver and you are also getting a Caricaturist of the Year award as a bonus.
Just did a Wiki on this guy. Okidoke. Don't think we have a Nobel contender but certainly he's more interesting than a dead pidgeon
Congrats rwpike on the silver...awesome work and happy new year.

Funny Cheeky Lil Devil and Man in a Toilet

Cheeky Lil Devil and Man in a Toilet

Member reactions:
Oh boy, talk about flushing your talent down the toilet. Hilarious.
well this guys doing sooo well he must be in league with someone
I'm gonna get my revenge. Trust me. Bwhahahah.
But, I have to admit...this was a pantload of's hilarious and it looks great.
remember to flush twice, that terd looks like its stuck.
dd...I think it's backing up the entire system.

Funny Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne

Rap Killers Eminem and Lil Wayne
Eminem and Lil Wayne stand as Hip Hop's most sucessful rappers in recent years.
Member reactions:
This is a Hollywood poster-highest marks.
Fabulous job with many details. Love the gangsta teddy, .
thanks alot guys,I had fun doing this chop,by the way two of my favorite rappers
congrats dillema excellent caricature work...

Funny Lil Wayne Flying Free

Lil Wayne Flying Free
news title
Member reactions:
LOVE the chained swinging legs here. Excellent stuff
ty guys,, im getting back into it,,i miss you all.
Congrats Preemie, great job I had no idea that was yours, . I see the Lovely Bones came in handy too.
Congrats Pree...hahaha.Funny excellent work...Very creative.I love it
Wood for Pree. Pretty nice attack on this one, Las.
hay Pree.. u've been away for a while.. Beautiful chop . congrats

Funny White Lil Wayne

White Lil Wayne
Member reactions:
. Perez Hilton would say about him: "My imaginary boyfriend of the day."

Funny Lil Wayne Caricature

Lil Wayne Caricature
Member reactions:
Good work
Your caricatures rawk, Pree and so does this one. Me thinks Lil Kim would have q chuckle looking at this one.
This piece really away.

Funny Lil Wayne Miner

Lil Wayne Miner
: news source
Member reactions:
Pretty cool My only critique is that it's quite a "busy" chop where the central character is getting a little lost in amongst all the added elements.
Great. Love the 'Funkwood' Space-Ray effect. Feel the Power. High marks-good luck.
what macwithfries said, but nicely done .
I like 'busy', sub-plots, hidden meanings, questionable intent, illogical overtones and general chaos. Congratulations.
Congrads Pree, busy girl and wonderful work.
thanks everyone,, and macwithfries i agree with you its busy,, ,, i do like painting a story in my hes fallen so far and will go to jail.. and his mouth represented money to me .. and perhaps it memorized him..
So much to look at. Bet you could write us a disertation on all of the hidden meanings. Great stuff Pree.
Congrats Pree... excellent work, dig the arc welder.
Totally awesome creativity pree... I luv this so much.

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