Lighthouse Cone
Lighthouse Cone
Lighthouse Cone.

Funny Lighthouse in Space

Lighthouse in Space
I'm betting this lighthouse keeper gets a little lonely.
Member reactions:
Cozy. I wonder how much the real estate market is affected in space these days

Funny Strawberry Lighthouse

Strawberry Lighthouse
hope you like it source
Member reactions:
Vivid color effects here. I see it's FN lighthouse too

Funny Lighthouse Rocket Launch

Lighthouse Rocket Launch

Funny Burned Out Lighthouse Bulb

Burned Out Lighthouse Bulb
Time to change the lightbulb
Member reactions:
Good--but you should match the perspective of the tower and the bulb.

Funny Haunted Lighthouse in California

Haunted Lighthouse in California
Los Angeles Lighthouse Ghost My Sources
Member reactions:
Impressive, ghostly, quality work... gives me chills

Funny Eagle Lighthouse at Night

Eagle Lighthouse at Night

Funny Lighthouse Island in the Sky

Lighthouse Island in the Sky
Sources Here
Member reactions:
Coolness. I would suggest giving some "reflection light" to the bottoms of the boats and the island (maybe to all shades). The right boat bottom looks a tad too dark.
Thanks for the tip Newsy. Is this edit better.
very well done, nice composition, looks great

Funny Shipwreck Near a Lighthouse

Shipwreck Near a Lighthouse
Member reactions:
very nice work, sources go down well with these kinda pieces though
Love the ship the most. Nice fantasy feel to it too.

Funny Lighthouse in Egypt

Lighthouse in Egypt
Member reactions:
Excellent work, but I would get rid of the black space on top and bottom
Please put the news link for this entry, as this contest requires. Please read the contest directions again cerefully.
Beautiful entry...but no newslink and therefore impossible to rate.

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