Zippo Match Lighter
Zippo Match Lighter
Zippo Match Lighter. Member reactions:
Very nice job and deserves to go clever

Funny Grim Reaper with a Lighter

Grim Reaper with a Lighter

Funny LOVE Can Make You Lighter

LOVE Can Make You Lighter
Wonder if NASA knows about this.
Member reactions:
Artistic. You did a great job editing the painting - it feels authentic.

Funny This is not a Pipe or a Lighter.

This is not a Pipe or a Lighter.

Funny Man with Zippo Lighter Head

Man with Zippo Lighter Head
Member reactions:
Here's the source: Sources -Edited by Moderator on 8/2/2009 3:18:55 AM
Idea: clever Execution: clean Overall: BRILLIANT.
Superb chop, wd, welcome to FN... Any relation to the great Ruben Xaus. hehe
Congratulations on the gold and on your first FN trophy. Welcome to Freaking News.
congrats on the gold xaos and big welcome to Freakingnews family keep up great works
Thank you for the warm welcome, the kind words, and voting me my 1st Gold. Its quite an honor to have been chosen above some of the TOP talent on this sit. Kind Regards Xaos54

Funny 40th Anniversary Apollo Eleven Lighter

40th Anniversary Apollo Eleven Lighter
Member reactions:
not a real zippo...It's a fake... Nice chop
Looks like a real photo. Love what you did with it

Funny Freaking News Lighter

Freaking News Lighter
Maybe this could be an additional item on the list to sell for advertisements
Member reactions:
Love it. It looks so realistic. I'd get one for myself even though I don't smoke

Funny Lighter Car

Lighter Car
Member reactions:
Creative. I love the wifey starting up the engine fire here, .
I know that was you fleek . (ps , why you always do alot of shadow in your designs .. hope you try some light effects ) great by all keep going fleek

Funny Genie in a Lighter

Genie in a Lighter
Primary Source
Member reactions:
good work remend me by my chop king of fire good luck
Great technique, jest3r. Is this a Johannson source you used for the flame lady.
Yes, I cropped Johannson, Inverted her, drew some highlights and shifted the colour tone to red. Then overlayed flames from various sources using the screen overlay mode. Added some smoke and a background image. Just an experiment really - trying to do this technique from scratch.

Funny Lighter Grenade

Lighter Grenade

Funny Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter
This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this Zippo lighter image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-designing this Zippo lighter, designing other objects with it, making a poster with this militia Zippo lighter, putting the lighter into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Bartlomiej Stroinsk and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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