LightBulb Moment
LightBulb Moment
LightBulb Moment. Its been a great ride....Happy trails to you.
Member reactions:
Love to see a step-by-step on this. I get the glass shards, but the bulb treatment is unknown to me.
Great to see you do one last chop here, Hidden. It's xlent as always
Congrats Xaos54 on the last chance saloon Silver. I cut myself just viewing it . Best wishes to you.
Great chop, really subtle messaging but exquisite delivery. Congrats on the silver. Don't be such a stranger. I think there is a thread in forums where Kellie posted a list of other chop sites. It would be good to see you show up and play more.
Wonderful work Xaos, Iíve always admired your chops . . . Happy trails to you as well. P.S. Thanks for marking my Marx Bros chop as a favorite, Iíve just recently had it included in a book put together with the help of Harpo's son featuring all of the different art created about the Marx Brothers.
As always fantastic Xaos....good 2 c u 1 last time.
heyyy xaos my friend ,, was great work congrats
Congrats on the win, good one, take care.
Xaos, mate, that last contest would not be the same without you. Congrats on the silver. and I do have some exciting news. READ MORE HERE
Thank you, oo0cns0oo, Newsy, MsgtBob, hobbit90, Kratos, Kellie, QTR, SteveGSO, PShaveyouseenthis Hitspinner, SplatShot, and SomethingOdiferous for the votes and for all the wonderful comments.
Congratulations, Xaos. Amazing work, as always.
Thank you, Kellie and Hitspinner for the Fav.
Mind blowing 54. I love working with light bulbs, don't know why, but I do. I was hoping this almost final contest would bring back a few of the pros.

Funny Scream Painting in the Dark with a Lightbulb

Scream Painting in the Dark with a Lightbulb
Member reactions:
I like this perfect glow from the Buldy_head
Not bad, just confused a bit by the use of the incandescent bulb here. Shape. ; )
Awesome chop.... nice artistic imagination and good use of bulb here with the source
Great idea and a vast improvment over a pretty crappy painting me thinks. Congrads

Funny Modern Lightbulb Genetics

Modern Lightbulb Genetics
Trying to break out of the same old style for a change. The Modern Light Bulb
Member reactions:
You know, it's great to see you chopping again. Always great stuff outta you. This is like a fifties poster in neo-retro, so cool

Funny Evil Clown in a Lightbulb

Evil Clown in a Lightbulb

Funny Earth in a Lightbulb

Earth in a Lightbulb
Hope you like it
Member reactions:
yes, i think it more best at larger version.
Great effects, and very visually pleasing.
Yem, minimizing is a biotch when there is a lot to be seen. But Hey, it's great man
One of the best works in the show, but I also wish the image was larger in full view

Funny Car in a Lightbulb

Car in a Lightbulb
why not .

Funny Lightbulb Balloons

Lightbulb Balloons
Member reactions:
now, there are some baloons i want to ride in

Funny Hands Breaking Lightbulbs

Hands Breaking Lightbulbs
Member reactions:
Artistic work. Would make a nice poster. and it's by lesmack.

Funny Island in Lightbulb

Island in Lightbulb
gif for fun.
Member reactions:
I thought a light bulb isn't all that much to work with, but this seriously disproves that theory... FANTASTIC.
Fantastic use not only of source but also imagination.
OK Pree, what ya smokin. Cool pic, congrats on the cup.
Preeee, this one was yours... Where on earth dod you find that stunning space source. That is wickedly beautiful and you did some real fine integration. Congrads on the silver. Yeah, Toledoeagle, some of these supplied images are real decieving especially once you realize your idea just demanded you will need multiple layering in a transparent object that is not transparent, which you have to make transparent in every single layer hahahahahahaha
Now this asks to have sci-fi story to be written around this chop. Great work.
thank you hits.. newsy ..dola.. i did tons of layers,, .
-Contained- A Short Story Within the bulb held the seeds of a planet that once teemed with life. The last remnants of humanity from a world now gone, released the cables and somberly watched. Their hopes and dreams of a second chance drifted towards the singularity. Ye End
ty john killer ... i like the story hits

Funny Stained Glass Lightbulb

Stained Glass Lightbulb
Member reactions:
Ya might be onto something with this Mundo, very nice & creative
Cool twist. different from other entries in the contest

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