Ivanka, Weight Lifter
Ivanka, Weight Lifter
Ivanka, Weight Lifter.

Funny Royal Panty Lifter for the Queen

Royal Panty Lifter for the Queen
Member reactions:
One of the Most Odd job Royal Panty Lifter
Cracked me up

Funny Snail Weight Lifter

Snail Weight Lifter
Member reactions:
i swear. that snail has a distinctive look on where his face probably is.
It seems that snail has closed all his ears, eyes, and the mouth to lift that weight very funny

Funny Smoking Weight Lifter

Smoking Weight Lifter
Member reactions:
I personally think it would be better without a painting below (makes the composition too complex in my humble opinion)
Agree with Newsy. Just the athlete alone with the Olympic rings positioned near the bottom would be enough. Nice work.
Dutch Masters is the name of the cigars and I think this was the ad,in my humble opinion
Thx for the input HoHouse. Anyway better without text, olympic rings and painting. If this should nonetheless branding, add small text and perhaps small rings next to each other at the bottom of the picture.
I'd agree with the others about losing the painting, either way still a good job.
This is an outstanding entry as it is, in my opinion. The image of the Dutch Masters at the bottom adds an extra twist. The image would have worked perfectly well without them, but the author probably thought hard about composing this image, Kudos to him/her.
Fantastic submission. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like the painting. Great job.
I also like the DutchMasters below. Good job...I need to go smoke now.
Ahh, I did not know that Dutch Masters is the famous cigars and this missed the whole advertising point
I like the Masters at the bottom. I was scrolling down and when they popped up on my screen it cracked me up. I think it ads a good twist.
Thanks for all the kind words folks I see the point about the painting, but that's part of the original Dutch Masters cigar brand logo....so I left it in. See the logo here
Congrats to Rain, our master, on winning with Dutch Masters.

Funny Giant Man Intimidating a Little Weight Lifter

Giant Man Intimidating a Little Weight Lifter

Funny Weight Lifter in a Gas Mask

Weight Lifter in a Gas Mask
Gas masks will be standard equipment for weightlifters in future olympics.

Funny Banana Weight Lifter

Banana Weight Lifter

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