Joe Lieberman - Serving It Up
Joe Lieberman - Serving It Up
Joe Lieberman - Serving It Up. . Member reactions:
Classic**** Political Satire at its Best...
Wonderful. I love the shapes dates. eyes, nose, and mouth, in a perfect axis.
Yikes...and yet another superb piece of work.
* good work...Congrats'...10 point and go in my Fav...^v^
Nice work on the face, with board head and full of wrinkles, good job and what is that stuff he is serving ...
Yummy OMG
Thumbs Up. To Your 3Fur.
Oh, and yet another fantastic caricaturization good sir how very fortunate for me to have found myself "in the thick of it" as they say, indeed an honor. Silver Congrats.
Another caricature masterpiece.Congrats on the silver too, Rodney.

Funny Regis Philburn and Joe Lieberman Catch a Mermaid

Regis Philburn and Joe Lieberman Catch a Mermaid
Joe Lieberman and Regis Philbinand adorable Kelly Ripa news article. Member reactions:
Now that's some satire.Gotta see this beauty in full view to read the letter.Kelly Ripa is a nice catch here. She's a keeper

Funny Joe Lieberman Book

Joe Lieberman Book
Joe is definitely bi-partisan as far as getting time tested advice...Please full view for text. Member reactions:
I independently made a have been Lieber-bitched.

Funny Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman
Lorenzo Lotto "Portrait Of A Man"

Funny Horse Costume Joe Lieberman

Horse Costume Joe Lieberman
Joe Lieberman, absent from the Iowa Caucuses. Was discovered milling around at a Bush Campaign. A spokesman from the GOP said, "They found him to be harmless and quite entertaining.". Member reactions:
My sides hurt from laughing... This is hysterical.
Why do I have to be the donkeys arse all the time...

Funny Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman
And they all laugh. Member reactions:
Why is everyone laughing at me. Booo whooooo Great job.

Funny Joe Lieberman Torturing Mouse

Joe Lieberman Torturing Mouse
Joe Lieberman: PURE SCUM

Funny Baby Lieberman

Baby Lieberman
Big baby.. Member reactions:
Good idea. Need to tone Joes lighting down a tad.
99 babys of beer on the wall, 99 babys of beeeeeerrrrrr, you take one down and pass it around

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