Mr Bean Drivers License
Mr Bean Drivers License
Mr Bean Drivers License. Four states adopt 'no-smiles' policy for driver's licenses
Member reactions:
Hilarious. You know what they say: You need a vacation when you start to look like your driver's license photo

Funny Star Wars License Plate

Star Wars License Plate

Funny Busy Mom's License Plate

Busy Mom's License Plate
Member reactions:
Holly crap, I need that plate. by the way, is this your car.

Funny NewsMasters' License Plate

NewsMasters' License Plate

Funny OJ Simpson's Car License Plate

OJ Simpson's Car License Plate
Member reactions:
Perfect. Just wait til Mr Goldman sees that ride...

Funny Obama License Plate

Obama License Plate

Funny Hillary Clinton's License Plate

Hillary Clinton's License Plate

Funny Not OJ Simpson License Plate

Not OJ Simpson License Plate

Funny State Police License Plate

State Police License Plate

Funny Police License Plate

Police License Plate

Funny License Plates

License Plates
Americans are getting more creative at choosing their license plates. Most states offer hundreds of customized plates to choose from, but the key is to choose the combination of numbers and letters that would send a message. The results can be quite amazing. Design a creative license plate. Here's a good example. Think of what creative license plates would match some celebrities or politicians.

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