Libyan Guitar Hero
Libyan Guitar Hero
Libyan Guitar Hero. Libya's 'Guitar Hero': Stunning photograph from Sirte brings war back into focus
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WoOoW realy great work hiden lOooOoVeE iIiiiiiiiiiiiiT
thanks best4best .. i put 12 sources there
Congrats Kratos. Nice job and cool story.
Super Congrats on the GOLD Mr.Kratos, i'm a fan of your works.
Congratulations to the guy who plays fair-works hard and, always, knocks out the HITS.
Beautiful stuff Kratos. . . . I love this look you've been using lately . . . real nice
Gold congrats, Kratos. Amazing work, colorful and perfect.
heyy guys .. thanks for all kind words .. i had alot off fun with that one .. glad all you like it ..
Congrats DesignerKratos . Fantastic job .
Great stuff, Kratos. Congrats on the gold.
hey cool to see you around newsy .. thank you

Funny Gaddafi with Guns in the Libyan War

Gaddafi with Guns in the Libyan War
Gaddafi vows to carry on fighting Hi-Rez View You will see this film in the news the next few days ..
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Well done.....amazing work,this is a winner. Best of luck...
You do'nt need to put a link for "Hi-Rez View". Most or all people know that there is a "View full version" option right below the photos . I see you used some Topaz filters , very nice Chop ....
Thx for the high rez link Really nicely chopped piece of work.
Nice rendition-High marks. Looks like he ate too much Acid.
thank you so much: "nepaguy59 , Chili , Kellie , geriatric" for you Comments
thank you PSMandrake , rajeshstar , BOULPIX
Congrats on the Gold Bro .... Excellent Chop .
thank you so much : pcrdds , geriatric , Black ...
yeah man, good job for this dictator i hope see the film congrats on win dude keep going..~

Funny Obama Gives Weapons to Libyan Rebels

Obama Gives Weapons to Libyan Rebels
Obama contemplates giving weapons to Libyan rebels
Member reactions:
, What they will do with these stuff.. Nice work man.
. Even balloon is to be used as a weapon.
Thanks, Newsy. Balloons can be very dangerous you know with all the static electricity they can build up by rubbing them against a sweater. .
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. As a bonus you get a branded FN slingshot.
Thanks, Newsy. Okay...that slingshot could come in handy one of these days. I'll look for it in the mail.
Congratulations. Nice work-right down to the shadows.
Thanks, oldman. salis and Kratos tell me to keep I do.
Thanks, Mr. Rain. The already have rocks. .

Funny Libyan Flying Saucer Hoax

Libyan Flying Saucer Hoax
Member reactions:
, the saucer would seem the most realistic part of that...congrats again, Wiz
Haha I recall a contest on this subject
"It was a pity Newsy had to chop the bottom off my entry, it was funny enough and certainly 'Worth' a tongue in cheek look. (But that's FN PC correctness for you." .

Funny Libyan Rest Stop

Libyan Rest Stop
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Just freaking hilarious. I love the solar power panel, hahaha.

Funny Libyan Road Signs

Libyan Road Signs

Funny Mr Bean the Libyan Delegate

Mr Bean the Libyan Delegate
ready for talks
Member reactions:
Bean there, done that. Pretty cool

Funny Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp

Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp
Free Libya's cry ( we need Help, and we Need it Now ) source
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I agree with Disasterman111. Both subject countries need Help, now.
Excellent play with lighting and shadows.
Nice. Sources are very well integrated. Very clever chop too
cool work ....^^ great playing with lighting and shadows
Pity I missed this vote. Kudos Salis well deserved win
This rocks on too many levels. It's topical and hysterical. The road post sign is and excellent addition here
congrats sails , that's freaky awesome work .. i really love it i love the blend over here .. it's our first time ever we meet in contest together .. was cool to be with you . keep going
Gold Congrats S.
Busy Kellie: thanx alot and thank you folks for your votes and Comments.
Great shading and light fx, congrats Salis
ooops , Double comment, so I'll sing you a song instead: lallala lallalal laaaaa ..
Congrats on the gold, country is burning and the president is tanning typical to politicians. But is a freaking good chop, like it
. missed out on the voting. definit 10 this is . excellent chop .

Funny Libyans vs. Bedouin - Gaddafi Riding Camel

Libyans vs. Bedouin - Gaddafi Riding Camel
Options for Gaddafi
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I agree with Disasterman111.Great work-right on target.
Nice additions to the original movie poster
Clean work. The background composition really adds to the value of this entry
3 source and great score cool work PixJockey
long time no see Pix. Congrats on the Silver
Maybe not as outstanding as I thought:

Funny Libyan Democracy

Libyan Democracy
Saif Gadhafi mentions in his interview that his country is a democracy, and if elections were to take place tomorrow, his father would win by a huge margin...which I find very interesting. I didn't want to make this chop funny, I wanted to stay close to the seriousness of the issue and I hope I captured it. Gadhafi's Son Speaks Out
Member reactions:
Not funny at all, but great work, sure it is.
you captured it pretty well, and I feel like thanking you for this meaningful chop, so thank you. Kudos for the free people, wherever they are ...
Congrats on the win, Benzi. You are a fine metal collector at FN.
congrats on the win BENZIBOX, you nailed it.

Funny Libyan Traffic Signs

Libyan Traffic Signs
The Libyan battles between Gaddaffi and the rebels destroy a lot of Libyan infrastructure, including roads and traffic signs. What's even more damaging for the infrastructure in Libya are the aviation & missile strikes from the US & allies. Experts say rebuilding the Libyan infrastructure will take considerable time, just like it took to rebuild Iraq. Meanwhile, until this military conflict is over, perhaps Libya needs new traffic signs designed and installed? Design new traffic signs for streets and roads in Libya which will reflect the new "traffic rules", warnings and dangers in everyday life in Libya.

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