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Funny Library Pictures

The George Bush Library OpensFunny The George Bush Library Opens
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The George Bush Library is dedicated FYI: The "Library" is a playhouse that I covered with individual books.
You hit the nail on the head with this one. Great idea.
great view of Bush making the new library for himself.... lovely way the house is decorated and colorful good one
Silver Congrats Mr.Paul, Great job as always
Congrats on the Silver and the Bronze. By the way, were the books from your own liberry (ha).
Congrats on winning the silver and the bronze.
Congrats on your silver and bronze... I was blown away at George's "Library".
Sorry for my tardiness on congratulating you on both the Silver and the Bronze. Good stuff... They have had me mighty busy as of late. Haven't been able to spend much time on fun. Congrats, nice job. Next time, would it kill you to save room on the podium for me. Lol. ; )
Clever, hilarious, awesomely chopped. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Forbidden LibraryFunny Forbidden Library
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This is a combination of photomanipulation and illustration. Evert item is carefully placed and when needed painted over. With thanks to many DA stockproviderssources: ~VivaStock, ~CB-Stock ~bluesse ~indigodeep ~Fire skull ~rivendell-photostock ~tsunamy-boy ~almudena-stock ~wolfc-stock ~angelinaresource, ~inadesign-stock
Love the way you combined the elements and the mood you set. Great job.
fantastic work and best one for sure love all details and painting here ..
congrats MadameThenadier it's so good,deserved it.
hey i told you it's awesome work .. BIG congrats on the gold my friend keep rocking
Superb win Madame... a feast to the Eye Piece... congrats
Beautiful work. Congratulations on the gold, MadameThenadier.
Heeej, mooi man. Van harte gefeliciteerd met de gouden bokaal.

Skeleton with Overdue Library BookFunny Skeleton with Overdue Library Book
Member reactions:
Library books returned 50 years late
procrastination to the Nth degree... Great concept and cool story.

LibraryFunny Library
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Monkey LibraryFunny Monkey Library
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He's hard at work.
Rare picture of Newsmaster behind his desk.
Guy, you'd better think thice next time Rich asks for your personal photos... he photoshops them and posts all over the web.
Quite an intelligent looking fellow actually

Old Man Reading in LibraryFunny Old Man Reading in Library
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Ford libraryFunny Ford library
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