Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton by Rembrandt
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton by Rembrandt
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton by Rembrandt. The good old days of politics.

Funny Monica Lewinsky on $10 Bill

Monica Lewinsky on $10 Bill

Funny Monica Lewinsky in Cuban Belle VF 6 Vintage Cigar Box

Monica Lewinsky in Cuban Belle VF 6 Vintage Cigar Box
Member reactions:
Maybe a bit of noise on her face could help.

Funny Bill Clinton From the Lagoon Stalking Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton From the Lagoon Stalking Monica Lewinsky
Member reactions:
My fav so far. Clinton's eyes should be re-aimed to either Monica or the camera
clinton 's head is too big, but the scene is very fitting and funny. congrats.
Hitspinner, Paul, Swashbuckle, thank you.
Hilarious. Congrats on the silver, Andrew.

Funny Monica Lewinsky Points a Gun at Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Points a Gun at Bill Clinton
Member reactions:
Dang, That girl in the exorcist could do that too.
Nice, but Monica is looking somewhere else.

Funny Bill Clinton Hanging a Portrait of Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton Hanging a Portrait of Monica Lewinsky
Member reactions:
Bill is in big trouble when Hillary sees this.

Funny Monica Lewinsky Still Hung Up On Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Still Hung Up On Bill Clinton
Member reactions:
Monica looks in-fat-uated hahahahah Great job hidden.
Doc.. You deserve the win. I got too many repairs. Congrats on a funny one and the cup
Great work on this, that's a lot of Lewinsky and congrats on the win.

Funny Hillary Clinton with a Monica Lewinsky Puppet

Hillary Clinton with a Monica Lewinsky Puppet
Member reactions:
Clever satirical chop. Monica's face's brightness and contrast may need to be adjusted though.
Perhaps -- in my imagination, she is sitting in the yellow stain of light so her face is brighter and Clinton is shrouded in darkness.
If she's sitting the light, her contrast should be increased. Even if it's a very bright light, it can't make her eyes, eyebrows and lips so low in contrast. Same issue with her hair. Great chop overall, the Monica's head part takes away from it, in my humble opinion.
There is always a puppeteer behind. Great idea. I would also suggest to reduce Hillary's head inclination.
I'm in shock. Had a horrible day, this helps a lot. As for Hillary's inclination . (pun intended) I needed her eyes to be looking a Monica and it was an existing photo, except I changed her expression to make it more aggressive. I'm not sure how to approach making the eyes look farther down -- it seems more to do with the tilt of the head which is why her head is inclined that much. Anyway. Happy, especially to come in third behind the old guys. -- said with affection, you two..
Topaz Clean for 15 bucks There you go Great special on a really versatile filter
OH, I came back to say I took the advice above and made Monica's face more contrasty and a bit more saturated, also checked where Hillary's eyes went and realized I'd moved things after I last checked and the tilt was WRONG. So thanks for all the advice. It's perfect now but I still got 3rd place..
Congrats on the bronze, Icy. Minica's head was a touch case in this chop, but I adore how you chopped the evil Hillary here.

Funny Monica Lewinsky at the Bill Thrill Tent

Monica Lewinsky at the Bill Thrill Tent
Member reactions:
. Now I see Bill's attraction to her. Baby Got Back...and a bunch of udder assets.
Top job, but I would not recognize Monica's face if I saw this image outside of the contest. Caricatures are great tool, as long as we can still recognize the celebrity, otherwise they may be confusing
Yep, was bugging me too. Take another look. I completely rebuilt her face. I originally tried to make her look more svelte. But she is too round to thin up her face. Keep in mind it is a cartoon and we allow some latitude, but that first attempt was pretty far off. Thanks NM and SplatShot.
It's better now, she's more recognizable. Though in real life she has oval face on oval head. That big mouth is not so much a problem in size, but in shape. The source you chose is more like Rolling Stones kind brand mouth, completely different from Monica's. Also now I see some pink smudge lines on her cheeks which became flat. Just trying to be helpful as it's a great complex chop overall.
You were right, I fixed. Thank you so much for your input. The chop does deserve my best effort.
Nearly perfect chop, only her face looks a bit desaturated.
Hahahah Elegary. Bless you lad. Master.... have you read the thread. hahahah. A smart guy once said, "the difference between a professional and an amateur is the professional knows how to fix his mistakes. There was plenty of that today. I am grateful you all didn't throw eggs
And yet another Masterpiece, You're Tops. Congrats on the win.
I cigarette instead of a cigar (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
TY Bob, Doc, Hobbit. I did think about a big fat Cuban cigar
I looked at this AFTER I put my entry in and thought "Damn. I had a shot, now this." , clear winner, IMO.
Gulp. None of us are immune from that one I wish I had a quarter for every time that happened. I am having some surgery so will be absent from a few contests... wink wink TY Pat and Icy
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Glad you took my advice

Funny Hillary Clinton's Book Tour with Monica Lewinsky Witch

Hillary Clinton's Book Tour with Monica Lewinsky Witch
Member reactions:
Super expression of all, amazing background work and book is outstanding idea
HH, you finally broke the curse.... Bravo mate. Congrats on the wood
Congrats on the wood, HoHouse. Nice to see you on the podium

Funny Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky
Guess who is making the front headlines this week? Breaking a decade-long silence, Monica Lewinsky is all over the news with her article in the June issue of Vanity Fair. Rumor has it, the Clintons are behind this article. Why? With Hillary's decision to run in 2016 almost a done deal, it's important to clear Bill-Monica affair out of the way, so that Republicans can't use it against Hillary, as Republican Senator Rand Paul (who will also run for the presidency in 2016) already did weeks ago. It's funny how the tables turn - when the affair became publicly known followed by the Bill's lies and confessions, Hillary was seen as both a victim and a hero who stood by her husband no matter what. Now the whole affair can and will be used against her should she decide to run in 2016. Family values are a key issue for many voters, and Hillary is not going to benefit from being in her husband's dirty shadow. Monica did Hillary a real favor with this article. It reads like a confession - Lewinsky is saying how sorry she is for the affair, how it broke her life so much that she could find neither a decent job nor a decent boyfriend. What about the indecent ones though? Well, she couldn't find them either - so bad has life treated Monica, that literally no company or man wanted to be associated with her. She asks America for forgiveness for being involved with the president and wants to start a new life, free of her humiliating past. In short, she shifts the blame from Clinton to herself, and asks to be forgiven. "It's time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress", she concludes. So, whoever is behind the Lewinsky's article in Vanity Fair is sending a message to the Republicans: "Who wants to beat the dead horse... it's the old news. Get over it." It's been years since we seriously chopped Monica... in fact we have almost forgotten about her at FN... that is until today. So, photoshop her any way you wish. E.g. show us what skeletons in her closet she may have, what she did away from the public eye these long years since the affair, what products and services she may endorse, or what she may do in the future. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

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