Funny Johann Sebastian Bach in Levis Jacket

Johann Sebastian Bach in Levis Jacket
Member reactions:
Nice fit, but would be better if you used color match to make the clothes look part of the painting, or colorize the head and hair to fit the clothes.
MsgtBob I was going to do that, but it seemed so stupid and funny to just leave it alone. I tried to match the sheet music as best as I could to match the non colored part.
I wish his face was colored. Good job anyways

Funny The Son Of Levis by Magritte

The Son Of  Levis by Magritte
Member reactions:
This is very clever.... the Apple is covered with Levi's Emblem
Congratulations on the Wood GarRobMil . ; )
This totally rocks. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny The Three Graces Levis by Raphael

The Three Graces Levis by Raphael

Funny Levis Girl

Levis Girl

Funny Gorilla Wearing Levis

Gorilla Wearing Levis
Tough jeans for the active guy.
Member reactions:
Cool idea, and I love the Levi's background....but is a gorilla a work of art.

Funny Levis Denim Tennis Ball

Levis Denim Tennis Ball
Please Large View.
Member reactions:
Cool chop on its own merits, but it would be nice if it was based of art works, like the contest directions ask. It would definitely get higher votes too.

Funny Angel in Levis

Angel in Levis
Member reactions:
Interesting, but I wish it used some real art piece as the source - as contest directions ask

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