Leslie Neilsen
Leslie Neilsen
Leslie Neilsen . Member reactions:
Your out of frame, Leslie. Take 3 steps to your right. :0

Funny Leslie Neilsen vs Star Wars

Leslie Neilsen vs Star Wars

Funny Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie
Rose Leslie tries pole dancing...
Member reactions:
Might look more realistic if the pole is shown between her legs (instead of behind them).

Funny Leslie Neilson Bald

Leslie Neilson Bald
... Gun actor Leslie Neilson
Member reactions:
Great job but I think the hand and gun drew the score down, just doesn't fit.
Couldn't have drawn it down much, it got all 8s, 9s, and 10s. The gun was just to tie it into the " ... Gun" movies. The owl is there just because I'm weird. Thanks all
Great looking beard, Hits. Lil Owl nice touch also. Bronze congrats against some tough competition.

Funny Leslie Nielsen the Elvis Presley Impersonator

Leslie Nielsen the Elvis Presley Impersonator
Member reactions:
Nice job with the face and hair. The mic should be in front of him rather than behind his guitar.
Beautiful piece of work, Krisz. Congrats on the Silver.
really cool character and shadows are really nice. the mic seems a bit out of place, but otherwise an awesome piece. congrats.
Congrats, KriszTianOlah . It was my favorite in the contest.
Thank u Uncle, Msgt, Jere and Wanderer ^^

Funny Leslie Jones in The New Ghostbusters

Leslie Jones in The New Ghostbusters
Leslie Jones,one of the all female cast members of the upcoming new Ghostusters movie.
Member reactions:
Ahh, good to know they have the new Ghostbusters movie upcoming. Sweet chop.
Another great one, love the Caddy n water reflections.
Ahhh good, they wrote in a female GB. Correct and smart move. I see you got Flood working. Isn't the an awesome add-on.
Thanks friends,Yes add-ons are always good Hit

Funny Leslie Winkle as the Mona Lisa

Leslie Winkle as the Mona Lisa
Big Bang Theory's Leslie Winkle
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty, She just seems to have that magic smile.

Funny Joan Leslie Actress Tribute

Joan Leslie Actress Tribute
Hollywood golden age ingénue Joan Leslie dies aged 90 in Los Angeles
Member reactions:
90. We should all be so lucky She had a good run, RIP. Very nice tribute

Funny Leslie Nielsen The Muscle Man

Leslie Nielsen The Muscle Man
Playing with out of bounds
Member reactions:
. A Double OOB. Great Image, Hidden. Is that Ellie May's Hound.
Congrats on the Silver. By the way, Your fish is up in the BotS over on Worth, if you care.
A fish. Hmmmmm what is a BotS. You piqued my curiosity, Bob. I went there and couldn't figure out what you referred to. Thanks
Look at the second one here: http://www.worth1000.com/discussions/73077/bots40-d7-murder-lingerie-and-pizza-what-else-is-there
Congrats on the Silver, Hits. One Great Clowning Tribute to Leslie.
Awesome piece of work Hit,you never fail to amaze.My vibrancy is not working either.I think I'm stuck in the 80's,congrats on the silver.Im kinda stuck in the non trophy zone,and what's a girl have to do to get a picture of the day.
Fantastic work as always, the dog is so adorable, congrats on the win.
Thank you Andrew, SS and Andwhat. Andwhat, if it ain't working try something new. That is why I mix it up so much these days. Here is a site with some very cool plug-ins. Try some of the softening filters like meloncholytron and flood for water effects. http://flamingpear.com/ . If you have Topaz disregard but if you don't they have some nice suites for killer effects that you can find for free sometimes or cheap. I suggest doing the 30 day trial to see if you like it before you spend and cash.
Nice try Leslie, you don't fool anyone. Congrats on the silver, Hitspinner .

Funny Leslie Nielsen with a Little Head

Leslie Nielsen with a Little Head

Funny Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen
Canadian-American actor Leslie Nielsen, best known for Airplane! and the Naked Gun franchise, died Sunday of complications from pneumonia. He was 84. Throughout his career, Nielsen appeared in over 100 films and 1,500 television programs playing over 220 characters. Nielsen's most famous lines are from Airplane!, when he asks the pilot if he can fly the plane. Says the pilot, "Surely, you can't be serious." Nielsen responds, "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley." From Dr. Rumack to Lt. Frank Drebin to Col. Buzz Brighton, to Mr. Magoo, Nielsen made audiences laugh by portraying serious characters who were seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. In remembrance of Leslie, we post some little-known facts about him: * Nielsen's father was a Mountie. Consequently, Nielsen spent his early childhood in the isolated Yukon Territories. * Before he was famous, Nielsen served as an aerial gunner for the Royal Canadian Air Force near the end of the Second World War. After he completed his service, he worked as a DJ at a Calgary radio station. * Nielsen's brother Eric was the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. * Leslie was considered for the Jack Nicholson part in The Shining. For all the laughs you have given, thank you Leslie. You will be missed. Surely. To pay a tribute to great actor Leslie Nielsen, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Nielsen will do in heaven (or hell), what movies he could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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