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Funny Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen
Bacchante with an Ape - Hendrick Ter Brugghen 1627
Member reactions:
Maybe adjust her head just a tad larger and it would be a perfect fit.

Funny `Les dogerables`

`Les dogerables`
Member reactions:
Top notch blending, and because of that I picked this one to win, even over D 800.
Thank you FrogGod1,CraftyOne,lucianomorelli ,deaddog and Nanny.

Funny Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince

Funny Les Misérables with Monkeys

Les Misérables with Monkeys
Member reactions:
Very good job
Would have been perfect if the females had hair on their chests.
Congrats on the Silver and Wood.
Well thought an blended. Pro job. Congrats Mr. Assad...
Silver and Woody Congrats, Mrassad . Good job.

Funny Les Infidèles on Freaking News

Les Infidèles on Freaking News

Funny Pi-Les Miserables Movie

Pi-Les Miserables Movie
Member reactions:
Nice idea to include the complete crew on that lonely boat where is the tiger hiding like the Miserable concept
Awesome conceptualization in the picture..Pi is very well in motion and the placement in boat of all is very nice idea

Funny Just Le Me Go

Just Le Me Go
Member reactions:
Like the place and the lady is fearing of the monkey praying to let her go really funny here
The correct English phrase is "just let me go", but the image would be even better without any text on it. You have the text in your title already.
thanks a lot newsmaster I don't have an expert level in english .

Funny Les Paul Special Edition Toilet Seat Guitars

Les Paul Special Edition Toilet Seat Guitars
Member reactions:
Disasterman...I think you're right about that.
Delivered with songs written on toilet paper, This an awesome idea and very funny
Free sheet music , I am glad you liked my idea Good luck..
Ha. Like the musical toilet paper
Thanks, Sunshin3. Yes, your idea was great.
Thanks, suni. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, Kellie.
Free sheet music, hahaha. These inventions gotta be on the Rock' N Roll Hall of Fame Sheet. These guitars start playing naturally - when you are on the go you get some nice improvisations. and finish the melody with wiping your sheet.
Thanks, Newsy. I think you want one. "Wiping your sheet." . Gee, maybe I should've titled this, "Sheet Guitars."
Superbe idée et beau travail . Bravo pcrdds
Creative funny work Mr. congrats on the silver cup
darn what's wrong with me, I just noticed my name ( I do need glasses ) thanx for the modeled guitar Paul, and I don't need to know what its sound like, , congrats.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. And many thanks again for the TP idea.
Thanks, Young Mr. S. I think your model guitar probably sounds, "Sheety." HA.

Funny Le jeu d'echec Caricature Painting

Le jeu d'echec Caricature Painting
Le jeux d'échec by Sofonisba Anguissola paint

Funny Les Guitars

Les Guitars
Legendary musician and inventor Les Paul would have been 96 this Thursday. Les was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar, which "made the sound of rock and roll possible." Les Paul legacy will stay in the history of rock and roll, and in the hearts of millions of fans and musicians. To honor Les Paul, design your own guitar any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning existing guitars, designing guitars from unusual materials or items (e.g. from household items). Acoustic and electric guitars are all acceptable in this contest.

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