Leprechaun. Faith and Begorrah.
Member reactions:
No one should vote on this until viewing this full size, it's an incredible St Pat original. Sweet composite LunaC.

Funny Magic Leprechaun

Magic Leprechaun
Created last month for St Pat's Day
Member reactions:
Ya want us to colorize that for ya. We could do that ya know.
Thanks Gummy. He was in color to begin with. I de-colorized him to get the effect I wanted.
^^^"I de-colorized him"^^^ Gasp.
Lol Gumster. Got to admit whether color or not, its a great looking Jeff Sessions chop.
Personally I think it would probably look better in color.
I thik the technique and approach is magical but I am big on the green so would have enjoyed it more if colored. That said, I see what you did in adding the extra dimension of ethereal, spiritual, magical, chance appearance that adds a certain serendipity to the feeling. Everyone should have taken extra time to study this and maybe vote higher. It grows on me
Everything Hitspinner said that I couldn't. Maybe a contest to colorize LunaC's chop...

Funny Thomas Muller Leprechaun

Thomas Muller Leprechaun
Not just for the Irish anymore :}
Member reactions:
Nice thinking but irish theme is a bit confusing me.
It was supposed to be a play on words.Based on coming in 5th no one else got it either.I added all german elements in the chop.The leprechaun theme was used just to depict the luck of the Germans winning the World Cup.Anyways,I didn't take my meds so
Good looking POT of Gold.. Great Job andwhat..
Top5Gratz Andwhat. Yep..your right. Beyond the skill ability and dedication, it does take some luck to avoid the mishaps and WIN a sporting event of the World Cup magnitude.

Funny Mr. Chicago the Dancing Leprechaun

Mr. Chicago the Dancing Leprechaun
Member reactions:
Obama with flags and trying to balance between... why all the people are seeing downward
There is just something sacreligious about connecting Obamma to St. Pattys

Funny Irish Leprechaun King Of Dunlewy Church

Irish Leprechaun King Of Dunlewy Church
Leprechan King keeps his gold at Dunlewy Church Cemetary.
Member reactions:
Love it. The green rabbit is a cherry on top.
Terrific Leprechan. Excellent choice for the background.
I like the lady bird behind.... great work of showing the green shades and his crown good one
You like Lucy Lawless, eh Rajesh... who doesn't.... Hhahahahahaa Queen of the MILFS or whatever that term is. Thank you Rajesh, Luciano, Jim, Pat and NM.....Doc
Thanks Newsey, don't quite have the same ring to it but I'll take it hahahahah. Cheers to ye health, Lad
Top notch chop, love it, congrats on the win....
Just in case you were wondering. Sources for this chop
Saints be praised. 'Tis a chop of rare beauty me lad.

Funny Barack Obama the Leprechaun

Barack Obama the Leprechaun
Member reactions:
Nice job, probably more impressive with a white background and rounded corners.
Great idea, great execution, great chop. Congrats Evirio.
Congrats on the bronze, Evi. As a bonus you get to play cards with Obama the prez.

Funny Barack Obama Leprechaun Riding a Small Dog

Barack Obama Leprechaun Riding a Small Dog
Member reactions:
I like this one...Go ahead puppy buck'em off into that ravine behind you.
Nice work, hidden … the magic coins appear to be floating just above the grass…
Fantastic work, Mark. Reminds me of some fairy tales, I've read in my childhood

Funny Leprechaun Turns Gold Bars Green

Leprechaun Turns Gold Bars Green
Member reactions:
Good idea but would have preferred to see real leprachaun rather than a cartoon.
great touch.... going green is also one of the environmental friendly thought like the concept of gold turns green today good one
great caricature Excellent composition and nice colorful
Green gold... uhhh can that even happen hahahhaha funn stuff

Funny Charlie Sheen Leprechaun in Columbia

Charlie Sheen Leprechaun in Columbia
Hope you all have a Happy St. Pat's. If you're going out, take a cab, please.
Member reactions:
How do you say, Ire mon, in Irish. Good one.
"Winner" is Charlies middle name. Can't Miss.......may you catch the Leprechaun.
Charlie looks funny ... Nice reflection of aeroplane and the mOon on the water
Congrats on the Gold Cup Hitspinner, Great Job
Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. I have been lucky to be a places with free internet lately where I can participate again.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Or should I say, congrats on the green.

Funny Ahmadinejad, Obama and Putin Dreesed for International Leprechaun Day

Ahmadinejad, Obama and Putin Dreesed for International Leprechaun Day
Ahmadinejad, Putin and Obama like to dress for the occasion.
Member reactions:
There you go again. BwahahahahahahHhahah.
Three stooges... nice concept and nice green dresses to them looks great
Awesome Superb collection and nice expressions
Great characters, Doc. Gradu girations on a fine winner.
Congratulations Paul. A nest for birds, and a home for the fleas,
Great Job Mr. Paul, Congrats on the Silver.
Thanks for the nice comments, people. I appreciate them a lot.
well done pcrdds nice job very amusing piece
Methinks they look better this way. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

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