International Leprechaun Day
International Leprechaun Day
International Leprechaun Day. Ahmadinejad, Putin and Obama like to dress for the occasion.. Member reactions:
There you go again. BwahahahahahahHhahah.
Three stooges... nice concept and nice green dresses to them looks great
Awesome Superb collection and nice expressions
Great characters, Doc. Gradu girations on a fine winner.
Congratulations Paul.A nest for birds, and a home for the fleas,
Great Job Mr. Paul, Congrats on the Silver.
hi paul my friend... this job is fantastic, i love the rainbow effect... you are a great as always congrats for the siiiilver bravo....
Thanks for the nice comments, people. I appreciate them a lot.
well done pcrdds nice job very amusing piece
Methinks they look better this way. Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Leprechaun

Ye want me Pot Of Gold.. Member reactions:
I could sware that this job would appear on the top 3

Funny Mac with a Leprechaun

Mac with a Leprechaun
No wonder Leprechauns are hard to find.. Member reactions:
I go for pot, like to buy a Xeon dual processor

Funny Mr Bean Leprechaun

Mr Bean Leprechaun
Mr.Bean this time goes GREEN.. Member reactions:
Great entry. Just wondering what he has over his hand.
Excellent work on the bean especially the beard all over the face is too good and one thing the Gold coins glitters the whole image. Excellent chop
Cleverly done. I realise now he is wearing a leather mitten.
Beautificent work.Congrats on the gold, Dilemma. And Happy St. Pat's Day.
Congrats on the pic,truely, a very cute pic.

Funny No Gold For the Brack Obama Leprechaun

No Gold For the Brack Obama Leprechaun
This leprechaun used up all the gold.. Member reactions:
Like his hat and his expression is too good funny pin holder
the bunny voodoo doll.

Funny Happy Leprechaun

Happy Leprechaun
Happy St. Patrick's Day.. Member reactions:
Thanks. It seems like the cartoon characters amd liquifying does better on this site but I wanted somethimg more "glassy" I mean classy, haha. The glass table was a pain putting together with the clovers under it. Thanks though for all comments. Good or bad

Funny Irish Leprechaun with Pot of Gold

Irish Leprechaun with Pot of Gold
. Member reactions:
thanks everyone,,, Leprechaun can be our friends. ,,just sayin,,..
He's cute in a weird kinda way. Love how you crafted this leprechaun out of the sources to create something quite new.
Congrats on the silver, pree. Let the luck of Irish be with ya.

Funny Irish Leprechaun Hulk Drinking Green Beer

Irish Leprechaun Hulk Drinking Green Beer
You don't have to be IrishTo partake in the thrillOf being with friendsRound the Bar-B-Q grillSippin on suds and telling tall talesDrinking too muchand landing in jailNot everyone wants To see you dance noodOn the keg of green beerSome think that is rudeBut have a good timeAnd don't be a baddieSpread cheer to allOn this day of St. PattyCheers my friends.. Member reactions:
CHEERS MATE. That's a great chop, & I lovethe poem. But since I think your's is better than mine....GO KIS MY BLARNEY STONES.
Awesome chop. The poem reminded me of a song from an old kids movie I love
Priceless, I remember that song. The Irish are a musical people. Thank you for the link.Hitspinner's Twin in Australia
Source. Sources you mean.Oh heck, Geri, there's probably 40 or 50. There are at least 15 stone sources placed in the dirt alone. About 12 layers to build the face, eyes and mouth... another 4 or 5 on body modifications. I just counted the layers and lost count at 52. There are more I'm sure. It's a big one, mate.
Thanks for the breakdown Hidden. Congratulations on your upcoming Win. Great chop.
Great Freak Show feature just in time for St. Patrick's Day.I would give the frog higher contrast. Otherwise, perfecto.
This guy is one thirsty beer drinker Hits. Be right back, gonna grab a cool one from the cooler....Ahhh, that's better, .Very powerful and cool image.congrats..
Congratulations on your silver.
You see. Joint beats beer. This is the proof. Although i prefer both.Great caricature Mr. H. Like the work you did on the beerspilling. The rainbow is the weak part think, but the overall picture is very dynamic i think. Great work and congrats, but i'm glad the pod(.) of gold is mine. Mine i tell you.
Best St. Patrick's entry ever... Congrats, Hit.
Have one on me funk. at Jeremix. I thought about putting a joint in his mouth. The beer splash was a sort of lucky find. The mug and splashing beer is just about the way I found the source, did very little to it. Thank God because everything else needed tons of modifications.Thanks a bunch gang. Remember to eat some home fried potatos before you go to sleep tonight. Absorbs that nasty hang-over.
perfect leprechaun .. congrats.... hiiittts...
You busted your butt on this. Wicked work and Congrats HiTs..
Pot of silver for Hits on the St. Patrick's Day.

Funny Leprechaun Beer Time

Leprechaun Beer Time
See Large. Member reactions:
Thank you. I'm glad you like the color. It is a concern.What I see is it lost half of the vibrance on the upload to FN and is darker. I am hoping it is just the way this computer translates the signal from FN back to this particular PC.This chop has about 35 layers and I notice that my chops with less layers never loose the contrast or darken on upload. Has anyone else noticed this on their's and is there a solution other than pre-lightening prior to upload.
Total freaking hoot here.. I love how the mouse is holding a beer clock and is confused.
There should not be any brightness loss on upload. I compared it with the unchanged original you uploaded, and there's absolutely no loss of brightness. Perhaps when you saved psd file as jpg it changed the brightness in the process, but if you take a look at the jpg which you uploaded to FN, brightness did not change after resizing and adding the FN red stripe. At least I can find no evidence of such change.
Hmmmmm thanks Vlad. It is curious. I am going to upload to PB after the contest then link back and we'll test it out just for curiosity sake. I am pretty sure It has nothing to do with FN software as it has also happened on myspace uploads. It just bugs me that it happens in a second or third generation transfer of hugely multi layered files. It's not a biggie just a frigging mystery and mysteries drive me nuts hahahahah Cheers mate.
There is a difference but not really enough to cry about it. I think the solution is just to brighten 10%. Maybe I'll check the calibration on this monitor too. I think I might have an issue there. I don't think you see what I see to the same degree. You probably have new equipment and I got this fosilized junk hahahahah Happy St Patty's Day and thanks for the helpI deleted the page and can't seem to get just an active link so... never mind
Hey Hits do ya reckon ya can just link to the pic in the comments here, it really is messing up the whole page, or even make it the way Beauty chop, can tell ya style a mile away
"Hey Hits do ya reckon ya can just link to the pic in the comments here, it really is messing up the whole page, or even make it the way Beauty chop, can tell ya style a mile away " NP Kellie, didn't realize it would be so.....well big.
Sorry for the confused mess, thamks for the comments and votes
I get my new computer the day after tomorrow. My chopping myseries will be over. Woot.Congrats Hits. Well done. Love the whatsitcalled holding the clock.
Congrats HiT.. really love this chop. got me thirstin' for a cold Guinness.
Yeah, an ice cold guinness over tthis lite crap I have in the fridge sounds better indeed. -Awesome on the new puter Jere. I'm jealous. I think it is a rat from the movie ratatooi or something. Haven't seen the flick yet.I talked to a friend about the darkening prob I have with the really large file chops and he thinks it's caused by a pixel dump when I resize. 3200 kB can't fit into 350 KB so the puter averages the color reduction and something is screwy with that. It made sense but I still think it could be a monitor prob... maybe both because I keep geting a winking in and out from time to time like the screen shrinks a 1/4 inch and then expands back in a fraction of a second.Bloody fosilized junk%$$#$#....... heheI think I'm going to sell my liver and get a state of the art quad. I might just have enough time to crank out one last mighty and perfect chop before I fall over dead. HA.But with my luck, grasping for the final breath as I load the chop to FN, I'd see a prompt that said, "Server Is Busy, Try Again Later"
Wood congrats, Hits.Nice discussion about the image uploads
congrats hits. I've noticed the brightness loss thing before too, but wasn't sure if it was just my imagination, it's pretty subtle. Anyway, I usually always kick up the brightness 10% just for good measure.
Thanks Vlad/Funk. Yep, nobody ever seems to use the chat room so the next best thing is these here comment boxes or the forums. But not everybody hangs in the forums but everybody passes by here... so... there you go Many thanks all

Funny Patrick Swayze Leprechaun

Patrick Swayze Leprechaun
. Member reactions:
this was a very funny entry, hoh. pretty clever.
Dang Dude, You are really getting the blending thing down cold. Really nice work HH...

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