Leopard Listening to Music With Headphones
Leopard Listening to Music With Headphones
Leopard Listening to Music With Headphones. Def Leppard Rocks House of Blues for YouTube Webcast Sources SOURCES
Member reactions:
Love that "Leppard". -
Rock N' Roll never looked so appealing. Good luck.
A masterpiece and the best in the contest..
LMFAO hidden ... Most excellent answer to the riddle. Excellent chop as well.
I Liked a lot Supreb Composed and great idea
Great job done with the source and great news link really impressed with this chop
Soooo sweet and a darn nice job. Congrats on the win.
Congrats on that silver.
My comment only had 7 words, and so I have no idea why you would think it had 9 arms. Guess again. (it's a joke that any fan or fervent non-fan of the band would know. I fall into the latter category, but that doesn't mean I didn't think the chop was good. I wouldn't have bothered commenting at all if I didn't. sheesh. lighten up.)
Silver congrats Deaddog :
DD keep it with this style, it's awesome. Silver congrats

Funny Dancing Leopard

Dancing Leopard
Member reactions:
Nicely done. Very clean. There may be a little too much going on here though. Lots of color can be distracting to some. But I still like it.
Fantastic pose Love it. And freaky expression on the face is so brilliant
Awesome......... the Kitty.. the Leopard is making the bunny dancing over her cap great job to put this Dress over the Beast, its too good and perfectly fit. Great job Hidden
Thanks DunceCap, and thank everyone else for your kind words. I agree about too much color, I was going to take cat out of background and do something else, but ran out of time. Your words encourage me to do more.

Funny The Underworld Snow Leopard

The Underworld  Snow Leopard

Funny Mutant Leopard Running

Mutant Leopard Running

Funny Leopard Kangaroo

Leopard Kangaroo
this species was born when "kangaroo jack" mated with a leopard and kangaroo jack jr. mated with a secretary bird.... someone shuld stop this creature now to mate another animal.....

Funny Leopard Dinosaur

Leopard Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Great idea
hehe, cheeky, i thought u chopped the dinosaur in there too at first, good choppin though

Funny Sarah Palin Leopard

Sarah Palin Leopard
She could appear on Ripley's Believe it or not after undergoing radical body modification... Thanks to AzRainman for his tutorial, which I started off with, although I have added more than a few of my own touches.
Member reactions:
really nice, one of the teeth needs dodged a little.
Kool Amazing work .. but you forget the sunglass
Cool job you've done. Nice blood splattering on her suit, whom did she bite.

Funny Courtney Cox Leopard

Courtney Cox Leopard
Member reactions:
This one is pretty trippy. The only reason I don't rate it a 10 is that (and this might be nitpicking) the cheek-lines feel a bit too hard. Maybe a bit of softening (into the hair) would have kept face from pulling forward...even if that's how her face would do naturally. Again, I'm liking this, though. Good job.
Quality work. Her mouth may need a contrast increase as it looks in faded colors (teeth look almost gray too)

Funny Evangaline Lilly Lost Snow Leopard

Evangaline Lilly Lost Snow Leopard
Member reactions:
Very nicely done. Should have done way better.

Funny Scarlett Leopard

Scarlett Leopard

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