Focus Leo, Focus
Focus Leo, Focus
Focus Leo, Focus.

Funny Kim Leo Un

Kim Leo Un

Funny Super Leo

Super Leo

Funny Leo

Member reactions:
Awesome blending and using beard and mustache..

Funny Leo and the Bear

Leo and the Bear

Funny Leo's Chevy

Leo's Chevy
Did this for Leo...
Member reactions:
I like the effect also, fitting pic 4 it.
hey guys..i know i didnt do much on this..but it really struck me as a nice effect on the pic..this pic is for a fella here named Leo..he has not long to live and has this car in the shed..he gave me a few pics to play with..he loves this one too..i wanted to see how it'd go..
Beautiful photo but its hard to tell what you have done without seeing a source pic.
Leonardo DiCaprio will really love it
hey Disman..there no source pics on the net..all by me..but ill say i took 5 people out of it..added the tunnel ram and text..and a few filters..that was all..
I sent this one to a 'Chebby' Lover who will love it, too.
good stuff Kempo,..they pretty rare in Australia..worth 70000 bucks

Funny Leo DiCaprio as a Woman

Leo DiCaprio as a Woman

Funny Leo Constellation in the Sky

Leo Constellation in the Sky
If only the constellations actually looked like this, it'd be easier to pick them out. (Edited for brightness) Source is a from a rubber stamp I have.
Member reactions:
Lovely image, Leo the Lion shows up nicely now.
I could stare at that constellation all night long
I agree with Mslice it does make you think of the lion king.

Funny Leo


Funny Leo Gibson

Leo Gibson
Member reactions:
I wonder where the scarecrow and tin man are.

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