Annie Lennox With No Nose or Eyebrows
Annie Lennox With No Nose or Eyebrows
Annie Lennox With No Nose or Eyebrows.

Funny Annie Lennox by Picasso

Annie Lennox by Picasso
ooops ... must have unchecked the critique box before while checking the other box.
Member reactions:
I know you chose "no critique" option, but I just wish to suggest you use larger source images - they will always give you higher scores. This entry is quality work, it would be a pity to see it score lower just because it's small in size.

Funny Obama + Hillary Clinton + Annie Lennox

Obama + Hillary Clinton + Annie Lennox
The face is Obama and Clinton, the body is Annie Lennox which is who the face combo looked like to me. Sources

Funny Pilot Lennox Lewis

Pilot Lennox Lewis
Member reactions:
nice job on the face.... but you might want to fix the arm of his jacket.

Funny Bullfighting with Lennox Lewis

Bullfighting with Lennox Lewis
While traveling in Spain, the champ couldn't resist a new challenge. He sent the ear to Tyson.

Funny Lennox Lewis Gender Reassignment

Lennox Lewis Gender Reassignment
Now he can finally have that ... change operation.

Funny Race Car Driver Lennox Lewis

Race Car Driver Lennox Lewis

Funny Jazzman Lennox Lewis

Jazzman Lennox Lewis

Funny Lennox Lewis in Shaft

Lennox Lewis in Shaft
Sure to be a HIT. (Please view full)

Funny Lennox Lewis Diving School

Lennox Lewis Diving School

Funny Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis
What will boxer Lennox Lewis do now? Photoshop where Lennox Lewis will end up or what new profession he will choose.

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