Saint John Lennon with Angels Wings
Saint John Lennon with Angels Wings
Saint John Lennon with Angels Wings.

Funny John Lennon the Cruise Ship Captain

John Lennon the Cruise Ship Captain

Funny John Lennon Black Light Poster Exhibit

John Lennon Black Light Poster Exhibit
Member reactions:
Impressive use of lights and shadows and colors.
This is out of the bok good. Dunno why it didn't place. Folks must not be ready to revisit a Warhol spin off
Thank for the feedback. I knew this wouldn't win. I was just experimenting with new techniques that I hadn't tried. I liked the results enough that I wanted to at least show it.

Funny Bald John Lennon

Bald John Lennon
Member reactions:
He needs a bit more neck I think. Great job otherwise.

Funny Young John Lennon Portrait

Young John Lennon Portrait
This is only my second experiment with digital painting, always and only with the mouse, without the aid of a graphics tablet, so be good to me guys. this is the link for the image used:
Member reactions:
I don't like this portrait as well as the Paul McCartney one, but it is still very excellent.
Anche sembra fantastico dopo colore shade..
Right up there with the other two, talented work.
Correct, mixed media would be the term and even more speciffic, mixed digital media. It is getting so confusing these day hahaahah. Anyway, superb job...... as always
Congratulations. No Trophy but, this is still a Winner to me.

Funny John Lennon Portrait

John Lennon Portrait
Hi guys, this my first digital portrait is completely hand-painted with the mouse, only the hair is treated with the filter topaz clean 5. I hope you likes.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. Did you use a Lennon's photo as a reference.
Awesome. Yeh Vlad, he's digitally painted over this image ....and did a darn good job.
, only a mouse... You NEED to get a tablet...but great job using only a mouse.
Fantastic digita art.... excellent background with star studded sky gives a feel of lovely evening Great Job
Polished Work Rick, perfect choice of background. Congrats on trophy
Such a beautiful tribute, congrats on trophy and excellent work
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, Gold cup work, but I expect nothing less.
Bronze Congrats Ricky ... I had no idea these were yours ... Great work.

Funny Paul McCartney and John Lennon in Stupid T-Shirts

Paul McCartney and John Lennon in Stupid T-Shirts
Member reactions:
Love your taste in great music. Great Job.

Funny Muslim John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Muslim John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John , Paul , Ringo , George & Yoko wish for world Peace ...
Member reactions:
Thank you very much Geriatric ...
Great to see the Lady holding Peace... and the roses fired from the Gun... really peace touching entry and all the freaky guys up and up and up were really enjoying ...
The Beatles were always for peace & love , didn't matter what country anyone was from . They just wanted World Peace for all. The cd they are standing on , was done in Cs6 3D ,plus the sign . Thx for the nice compliment Rajeshstar ...
chili congratulations.... love the camel neckless...
Every Beatle fan will love this. I think it is great. Congrats on the wood, Chili.

Funny John Lennon By Andy Warhol

John Lennon By Andy Warhol
Member reactions:
Very well fitted into this can good job in the 50-50 colorful body

Funny John Lennon Portrait by Degas

John Lennon Portrait by Degas
John Lennon... Degas style Portrait
Member reactions:
Wonderful job done very well done with the noise and the effects used in this image is really classic...
Silver congrats ...
Congrats on the silver Mundo nicely done.
Silver congrats, Mundo. You've gotten real good with paintings.

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